Alaskan Bush People
Alaskan Bush People

Alaskan Bush People Net Worth and Salary

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The Alaskan Bush People is a popular reality tv show is about a family living in Alaska. Check family net worth and how much they make on per show basis. This series was broadcasted on Discovery channel in 2014.  It showed the life of Brown people, how their housed was burnt out by authorities for staying on the Public land and how they built new community independently.

Alaskan Bush People

There are total 6 seasons of Alaskan Bush people series and 61 episodes. There are many characters in this show such as Father Billy Bryan Brown, Mother Amora Lee Branson Brown, five sons named Matthew Jeremiah Brown, Joshua Bam Bam Brown, Solomon Isaiah Freedom “Bear” Brown, Gabriel Starbuck Brown and Noah Darkcloud Brown, two daughters named Amora Jean Snowbird “Birdy” Brown, Merry and Gabe Brown. Billy and his wife Ami has a huge family that consist of total 07 children all born and looked upon in Alaskan Bush.

Well, it’s the talk of every mouth that the Brown’s family’s net worth is much more than they pretend on the Reality TV show; Alaskan Bush People. Though as the sources revealed their net worth is around $60 millions, which they earn with their hard work. Billy Bryan Brown net worth is said to be $5,00,000 with all his children having net worth of $40,000 to $60,000 individually.

This serial is based upon the Brown family, which were struggling for their community. Their houses were burned down by the authorities for being on Public land, But they didn’t give up, they are moving up in their life.  The early episodes show how the Brown family went on different different places for finding shelter, place of living. They lived in a place where temperatures dropped from 60 degrees to zero and below it. They survived in harder to harder situations, they lived in these situations for decades. Everything was just dangerous there. The other episodes show how they established a new community “Browntown” independently and started their work, transportation and labor to achieve a good and happy life. Some rumors say they are fake . They did  it for TV reality show.

Billy Brown was a writer too, he had written a dozen of books like One wave at a time and The Lost Years were which were promoted by the website run by his friends. Browns marketed themselves as the “Alaskan Wilderness Family” before they were known as the “Alaskan Bush People.” As shown in the reality show, they are very hard working. They survive very bravely. Instead to giving up, they stood up and moved ahead in their life and achieved several things.

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