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Atz Kilcher Biography and Net Worth (The Last Frontier)

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The Last Frontier tv star Atz Kilcher net worth is $4 million. His biography revealed his family, early life story, parents, wife, children and real age. Atz Kilcher is a popular reality television star who gained the fame from the Discovery channel reality show The Last Frontier of the Discovery Channel. He is the oldest person of the show, who has taken part with other family members. The entire family of ATZ has akeen interest in music and so ATZ has the same. It is the six season of the show and Atz is there from the first season of the show.

Net Worth – $4 Million

Name: Atz Kilcher

DOB: 1952

Annual Salary: $350,000

Height: m / feet

Wife: Bonnie Dupree

Ethnicity: Swiss-German

Kilcher’s family is migrated from Switzerland. They are spending a tough life at a remote place of Alaska without any modern facility. Their profession is hunting there. The popular singer Jewel is a daughter of Atz and she appeared on the show also to support his family.

This man or the reality star is from Homer, is has been in Alaska for his entire life. To join the homesteaders his parents immigrated to Alaska from the gods land Switzerland.  Yule and Ruth, the parents of Atz has chosen the wilderness to spend the rest of their life and left the abandoned city life. It was the incident of 1930. They were the pioneer homesteaders. Atz has more seven siblings, who were also in this remote area with this old man. Atz and his siblings have spent a little interesting but quite different childhood there. There was no school, no neighbors and friends to play. So they spent the days by singing and by telling the stories to each other. These songs and stories are recorded later and released as four so much successful albums. Their mother teaches at home with a real creative style. They went to the Public School after built up the road. That was very hard days for Atz and his family, there was no cooking essentials, nor the road. There was only the coal for food making, kerosene lamp for lighting.

His mother Ruth was a trained classical singer, so she teaches her children all the basics of music so Atz and his family performed all over Alaska and Europe on the ages of 50’s and 60’s. Atz and his wife Bonnie Dupree performed music at the weddings, when they are not in front of thecamera. He has four children. Some of his children live in Nashville but some have chosen to stay back at the homestead with family. Q’Oriyanka, the grandniece of Atz has stepped to the film world recently. The net worth of Atz is now $ 7 million nearly, along with his wife.

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