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Bering Sea Gold TV Show Stars Net Worth

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The popular Bering Sea Gold is telecast on Discovery Channel but ever wonder how much these stars are earning and their worth now after working in this series? Bering Sea Gold is an adventuresome show, sets in Alaska, Nome. It is from the same creative house of Deadliest Catch. The cast and crews of the show are a bundle of people, who love to take a risk in their lives.

In this show you will find many well-equipped boats with the masters of the boats. Their job is to find gold from the sea. They find that on summer time, shallow water, northern cold latitude and also from a tough ocean environment. This show is now airing the 5th season, after completing a successful 4 years journey. Every year it comes with a new group of people. This show aired with a different title for the different season. Bering Sea Gold is for the summer season, The Spring Dredging Season, Bering Sea Gold- under the ice.

Seasons Bering Sea Gold

On 2012, the show opened with some crazy gang of people who are driven by the gold fever and they might take all the risk to find out gold from the Sea and then it held every year with the same target and same missions. This popular show of Discovery has given us a number of celebrities, who have the passion of gold mining under the sea.

Shawn Pomrenke

He appeared on the show from thevery first episode. Shawn is the son of Steve Pomrenke. He is the co-owner of Christian Rose, the vessel of his father Steve. When Shawn was just 13, he has started the gold mining game in Alaska with the supervision of his father. He just has a passion for gold mining from the deep sea.

Emily Riedel

The daughter of Steve Riedel and the friend of Zeke Tenhoff, Emily appeared on the show as the deckhand on Zeke’s The Clarke. This adventurous girl has learned the opera music but her childhood friend Clarke has brought her out at the Discovery show. On the second season she has chosen another boat of Zeke, Dredge as her companion and changed the name of the boat as The Erotica.

Steve Pomrenke

Steve Pomrenke is one of the most successful gold miners of the show. His net worth is nearly 5 million dollar. He is the owner of the Christian Rose. He discovered nearly $3 million gold with his own responsibility on 2010. He is actually the star of the show, who has achieved an enormous success in gold mining.

Zeke Tenhoff

Zeke Tenhoff is the captain of The Clarke. He is always a topic of discussion and also a topic of gossip due to his love and friendship relation with Emily. He was born and brought up in Alaska. His net worth is near $ 1 million now, which he got from his reality television career.

Vernon Adkinson

Vernon Adkinson is the popular owner of the Wild Ranger, the showman of reality Television show Bering Sea Gold. He is the master of underwater mining. Especially his mining at the winter time from the icing sea is really a commendable one. His part-time job is ship pilot, which he pursue at the off time of the show. He is quite popular in the social networking sites.

Mike Rowe

Mike is an American actor, opera singer and host. He is the host, spokesperson and narrator of several discovery shows including the Deadliest Catch. His net worth is $ 35 million, which is enough to describe his success story in the television industry.

Steve Riedel

Steve is the most veteran and colorful gold miner from the show. He is the father of Emily Riedel. He works in the crew of Atkinson now but before that he has worked on various dredge to the Bering Sea.

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