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The American Pastor Bishop Ron Gibson has a net worth of $7 million today. He was born in 1955, married to Lavett Delene Beamon, find his wiki to family background. The preachers of Los Angeles is a reality TV show that was aired during 2013 of October 9th on oxygen. This TV show depicts the lives of 3 bishops and three pastors staring from their activities within the four walls of holy church and back to their homes. The preachers are followers of prosperity theology. Bishop Ron Gibson is one of the preachers in the show.

Full NameBishop Ron Gibson
Net Worth$7 Million
Profession Preacher
Annual Salary$350,000
Monthly Income$29,000
Weekly Income$7,000
Daily Income$1,000
Birth DateMay 14, 1955
WifeLavett Delene Beamon

Ron Gibson was born in los angeles, Compton and at a very early age he led a reckless life and he was less likely to dedicate his life as a preacher and prophet. by some unavoidable circumstances, he faced many adversities and got addicted to drug which eventually led him to the dark world of crime. But he redeems himself after he started following Christ. With an initiative to change his surroundings and bring more wasted people back to the main stream life, he started LIFE CHURCH OF GOD IN CHRIST. Initially there were nine members but now the number has upped by almost thousand times and there are 4000 members approximately. Now he is nominated as the Bishop of the Dominican Republic Jurisdiction.

The bishop has most willingly dedicated his life to play the role of prophet and preacher by guiding fellow people. Bishop has taken this movement to a greater level and is fighting for all the people out there in the street who are facing crisis.

As a star or host on the reality tv show preachers of la angels, he accumulated a whopping amount of 7 million dollars. His net worth is calculated to be around 7 million dollars, a pretty high amount to keep him and his family in a well maintained state.

Bishop is married to lady Lavette . Lady lavette is also a devotee of Christ and has dedicated her life for the well being of fellow people. The only grievance or lacking in their relationship is that they do not have children.

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