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Blake Mycoskie Net Worth – Wife (TOMS Shoes)

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Entrepreneur and author Blake Mycoskie net worth has been valued of $300 million. Founder of TOMS Shoes is married with Heather Lang in 2016 and earns good salary. Blake Mycoskie was born in Arlington, Texas in the year 1976. He is a notable author, an enthusiastic entrepreneur and a passionate social worker or philanthropist. His remarkable contribution in inventing the shoe company TOM’S SHOES, has made him famous and unforgettable. After his college he moved to Nashville where he opened his own media and started with marketing of country music.

NameBlake Mycoskie
Net Worth$300 Million
Source of IncomeEntrepreneur
Annual Salary$22 Million
Monthly Income$1.8 Million
Weekly Income$260,000
Birth DateAugust 26, 1976
EthnicityEnglish, German and Scott-Irish
Height1.75 m
Weight69 kg
WifeHeather Lang

It was a huge success as a start up business for Mycoskie.  Mycoskie took part in the reality show,’The Amazing Race’ and finished in the  third rank in the second session. After all these, he took to a more profitable business .E!Entertainment television, came in and he was the co founder along with Larry Namer.

As of now  Blake Mycoskie net worth is estimated to be a whopping amount of 300 million dollars. Apart from this income, his giant company ‘Toms Shoes’ is valued at $625 million dollars. Blake is married to Heather Lang in 2012 and they are going quite strong. Other entrepreneur like Richard Hilton has almost same worth whereas Dam Bilzerian’s worth is almost half as compared to Blake.

Though it was a moderate success but he decided to fold the company. However, his strong determination in having his own start up and persistent effort in bringing up some unique idea for an unique business, made him to co- found another company. The company was influenced by Traffic and created a profile of Drivers ED direct. It was an online training service providing assistance and valuable tips to budding drivers. It also provided hybrid useful vehicle. He wrote an article in 2011 for ‘The Business Insider’.

It was later, he thought of establishing his own shoe company. Being a philanthropist by nature, he distributed shoes to disadvantaged people who cannot afford it. Mycoskie’s most famous book was published in 2011. It was titled, ‘Start Something That Matter’ and it became his responsibility to make charitable donations. However, it became the most talked about and intriguing book.

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