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Part of Last Alaskans, Bob Harte revealed his wiki including net worth, real age, family, daughter, education details updated in 2018. Life, adventure, and risk these three words are synonymous for the people from the reality series of Animal Planet, The Last Alaskans. Bob Harte is one of the stars of the show, who is stealing the fame on a regular basis due to his ways to playing the deadlier games with his own life. He is facing his death every day but he is still living the life with risk. He attacked and wounded by gunshots, he has faced the wildlife attacks and fires. There also the incident of crash landing in his prop plane and the more fearing incident he has faced.

Full Name: Bob Harte

Net Worth: $600 Thousand

Source of Income: TV Personality

Ex-Wife: Nancy

Please note that there is not confirmed net worth details of Bob Harte, but it is estimated that his total worth should be around $600 thousand. To find a free life, this brave man has left his city life in New Jersey. He spent 40 years in isolation with wife and daughter. But after his divorce, he wanted to become free from the confinement of a limited city boundary so he has chosen the life he really loved and pursued his career and in his life in this. He is living a homestead life Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. It was a drastic decision of Bob Harte’s life to choose a hard life there. He had a dog, Ruger and he loves his pet very much. There actually a place for his dog in his cabin. He never left his cabin until he got the news from the doctor that he is suffering from cancer. This man is full of life and he believes that whenever he will get back his right health, he will return to his cabin with his dog.

Bob Harte has attended college in his city but he dropped out from his college. He always wanted a free life where he can live an adventurous life, so he joined the show and has received a huge fan following. Even he has a fan page on Facebook. He is a wild rebel of the show who lives the life which is completely different. He has a lust to know more, to explore more of the world. He can face all the difficulties for that. Another love of Bob is his daughter, he loves her the most.

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