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Bruno Sammartino Net Worth – Bio, Height, Age, Family

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Renowned wrestler Bruno Sammartino shared his updated net worth from height, age, wife, to children. He is an Italian-American star, check his family and career. Italian by birth, he used to be an American wrestler by profession when WWE was known as WWWF. He has been a wrestler for a total of 11 years in two terms. He is often referred to as the Living Legend and is one of the best known wrestlers of all time. As expressed by several critics, his strategy was least mat oriented and his magical stances and moves helped him gain recognition in the arena. His strong bonding with Arnold Schwarzenegger helped him get into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Full NameBruno Leopoldo Francesco Sammartino
Birth DateOctober  6, 1935
Height5.8 feet / 1.78 m
Bruno Sammartino Net Worth$4 Million
Source Of EarningProfessional wrestler
Annual Salary$140,000
Wife Carol Sammartinonder

Bruno was the youngest among the seven siblings. The initial phase of his life was associated with a lot of hardships since his family had to hide from German troops during World War II. His weakness in the English language led him to being a centre of bullies after his family moved to the US. This served as the breeding ground for his motivation to start his intense physical training which eventually helped him land in the US Olympic team. Bruno holds a world record in the bench press by lifting 565 pounds in 1959. He was also coveted with the “Mr. Allegheny” title in 1950s.

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Sammartino made his studio wrestling debut in 1959 where he fought out Dmitri Grabowski in just 19 seconds. He went on winning matches to be the most popular on Studio Wrestling. As a part of Capitol Wrestling competition, Bruno played the first match in Madison Square Garden, NY in January 1960 against the opponent Bull Curry. One of the heart clenching incidents that occurred during one of these matches was the death of one of his opponents in the ring due to heart attack. Bruno went on winning matches and spreading wonders and won the WWF World Heavyweight Championship on May 17, 1963. In January 1972, Bruno participated in the 22 man battle royal which comprised of some to class competitors. He won the match with a whooping cash award of 11000 dollars. He continued his reign of winning in WWWF and holds several major wins to his name. As of 2018, the net worth of Bruno is estimated to be about 4 million US dollars.

It was Vincent J. Macmahon who could notice Bruno’s record on the bench press and helped him rise to success. Bruno is married to Carol since 1959 and has three sons. One of the all time legends in wrestling, Bruno is well known for his bearhug and hammerlock moves.

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