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Few sites are claiming that the net worth of Cecil Whitmore is $3.5 million but that’s not correct. As per his biography and job & source of income, it’s about $2 million. We know the fact that, there is a woman behind all successful man but for Cecil, this fact is exactly opposite. He is the husband of reality television star Simone Whitmore. They are actually a successful couple has participated in the reality television show; Married to Medicine, that’s given the name and fame. Simone Whitmore, the wife of Cecil is a renowned doctor and she practices medicines. He works in Coca-Cola Company as the director of Enable Solution, SAP Development. He was in there till 2000. Cecil is from Los Angles and he was born and brought up there. He has attended the Westchester High School and then he got his Bachelor degree in Accounting from Mire House College.

NameCecil Whitmore
Net Worth$2 Million
Source of IncomeJob and Reality TV Show
Annual Salary$200,000
WifeSimone Whitmore

He became a part of the tele world with her wife Simone and they are one of the most popular couples of the show. They have two sons Miles and Michel.

Their marriage was also a media awaited event and covered by media.  But the married life of this couple was not perfect, they have faced many issues. Cecil had a best friend and that was the reason for their problems which lasts so long. But gradually they solved all the issues and became a hot and happening couple. Cecil has joined the crew of Married to Medicine on September of 2012 and he continued his journey there for next few seasons. This show moves around the people, who are doctors or who are married to a doctor. From the beginning day of the show of Bravo TV, they are one of the most popular contestants.

He has a big revenue job in Coca-Cola Company and he earns a huge amount from the reality show also. Today the net worth of Cecil Whitmore is reaches to $2 million and he has achieved the wealth from his successful career journey. At the off season of the show, he serves as the employee of Coca-Cola Company. He is in a prestigious position out there.

This man is very much popular on Instagram and has huge followers there. He posts many photos and videos on his Instagram profile. This man is equally popular on Twitter. He is a complete family man and loves to hang out with his wife and sons. He travels a lot with family and friends. He is a great father and husband both. Cecil is a fashion freak person and he loves to wear stylish dresses.

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