Celebrities Born in 1981 – List of Famous Actor and Actresses

This list of Famous personalities born in 1981 that include well known actor, singer, sports person and more. These people were born in 1981 and today counted among top celebrities. In reality the celebrities born in the year 1981 are a store house of talent and power in the true sense of the term. Ranging from too quality singers to high profile sports personalities to fearless politicians, all these celebrities have reached the very zenith of their careers owing to their magnanimous self beliefs, extremely hard working attitude, fearless courage, never-ending intrigue and honest efforts. All the celebrities are a perfect example of honest and ideal citizens who are role model for everyone around them. Never to boastful about their success, all of these celebrities born in the year of 1981 are born leaders. Be it in any field, each of them invariably becomes the trend setter and guide to numerous people after them. Loving, caring, humble and extremely enthusiastic, all these celebrities have a warm and welcoming personality which sets them apart.

The only negetive tint in their characters in the spirit of extreme competition. In the demand of becoming the best and reaching to the top, their sense of competing gets so heightened that sometimes they give into certain irrational and impractical deeds. But apart from that all of these celebrities are one of a kind.

Tarek El MoussaFriday, August 21American
Rosie RiveraFriday, July 3American
Jessi CruickshankFriday, July 17Canadian
Zach McGowanTuesday, May 5American
Chris SoulesFriday, November 6American
Krysten RitterWednesday, December 16American
Michelle DockeryTuesday, December 15British
Jill GoodacreSunday, March 29American
Matt BrownSaturday, January 10American
Kofi KingstonFriday, August 14American
Simeon PandaSunday, May 10British
Chasty BallesterosSaturday, January 3Canadian
Anna RawsonWednesday, August 5Australian
Ginger ZeeTuesday, January 13American
Peter CrouchFriday, January 30
Philip RiversTuesday, December 8American
Daniel BryanFriday, May 22American
Ivanka TrumpFriday, October 30American
Joyce BonelliTuesday, July 7American
Casey NeistatWednesday, March 25American
Meghan MarkleTuesday, August 4American
Toccara JonesFriday, March 13American
Dylan DreyerSunday, August 2American
Alison VictoriaSaturday, October 31American
Rich PyleMonday, February 23American
Olivia LongottSunday, February 15American
Amy SchumerMonday, June 1American
Patrice EvraMay 15senegalese
Amanda BeardThursday, October 29American
Alexis BledelWednesday,American

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