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The Twitch tv star CohhCarnage finally shared his biography from age, height, net worth, yearly salary, family including wife and personal detail. The live streaming world has given the opportunity to so many people to become famous. One such name that stands out of the rest is CohhCarnage. He is an avid gamer and makes streaming videos, which he uploads regularly on the social media portal Twitch. Cohh has a wide base of followers making him one of the most followed people on Twitch. He is also an enthusiastic game designer who has contributed a lot towards the gaming world making him one of the most sought after gamer in the industry.


Real Name Ben
Birth Date June 25, 1984
Nationality American
Height 5.9 feet / 1.79 m
Parents Under Review
Net Worth $350 Thousand
Source of Income Twitch Star
Annual Salary $150 Thousand
Sibling N/A
Children N/A
Ethnicity White
Wife Laina Carnage

Cohh was born on June 25, 1984 in the United States of America. His real name is Ben. Cohh currently resides in North Carolina and it id from here that he uploads his videos. Cohh was a student in Full Sail University, where he studied Game Design, but he left the course after 2 years, as he tasted success in his streaming career. But he has stated that he plans to complete the last year of his coursework in the future. He has also worked as an electro DJ in the East Coast and a music producer. He has even worked as an IT support for several years. His adopted name is a combination of a traditional Hawaiian name – Ko, which is incidentally a name of one of his close friend. He took that name around the time he started Everquest 1 and has been using it ever since. He is completely dedicated to the streaming line; however he is also the Lead designer of an upcoming computer game. The game is currently in the development phase, and a team of gamers from all around the world are involved ion the process. Due to the game being in its initial stage, Cohh has refrained himself from talking more about it.

CohhCarnage is also the leader and the founder of a website called the Cohhilition. The website is completely dedicated to any discussions and talks related to the gaming world. His popularity extends to such degree that he has earned over 10 million views and 650k subscribers on his CohhCarnage channel in Twitch.

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