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Colbert Sturgeon Net Worth and Biography

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Colbert Sturgeon is from Georgia whose net worth is about $1 million. Got the fame from Live Free or Die, his biography revealed everything about him. The life story of Colbert Sturgeon is really strange, when the modern life is roaming around the tablets, smartphones, television and computer, this man has left his high-fi living and chosen a hard life. He is living the wildest life without a running water or electricity. He rejected all the facilities of his abandoned city life and moved to swampland. He had a high-quality job in American Express with the salary of $10,000 per month and a big mansion in Georgia. Even he divorced his wife to choose the wilderness.

Net Worth – $1 Million

Name: Colbert Sturgeon

DOB: 1952

Annual Salary: $120,000

Height: m / feet

Wife: Divorced

Ethnicity: White

This former financial consultant is now a part of the reality series of National Geographic Channel Live Free or Die. He is now spending his days in a wooden cabin. In this swamp land he is living in the wilderness alone. Now he swims in the river and plays with the wildness in the forest, he makes his own tree house and spends his days by fishing. It is really hard to survive in this remote area of America but he is now the King of the area, the new “Tarzan”. He can catch the fishes from water with his hands or can directly with his mouth now. He trapped the wild animal for their furs, this is the major source of his income and also collect his foods from the swamp directly.

Please note that the salary calculation is done based on the remuneration he used to receive.

Colbert is a 64 years old man but when he came close to the wilderness, he felt the energy the living style like the teenage boy. He has two grandchildren, who often come to his tree house to meet Colbert. Even he and his friends arrange the adult party at his place seldom. Surprisingly, there is no exact location to track this man, who lives with the wild animals. He lives the lifestyle which is named as re-wilding by the show. Colbert is a very kind hearted and humble person.

Recently, the wooden Cabin of Colbert destruct totally due to an unusual fire, it is really tough for him to exist now in the winter, so he asked for the help from the viewers. Especially his hunting, trapping and fishing tools and the non-powered tool, which he needed badly. He got a huge response from the viewer’s side after that.

Colbert is an expert woodworker and to survive in the forest he hunts wild animals, traps the animals and he forages for his own at that backward place.

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