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Got the fame from reality tv show Dan Blankenship revealed his net worth including wiki, height, age, and family. He was part of The Curse of Oak Island. Dan Blankenship was a normal individual who remained busy in his normal course of work in Florida. But his entire life was changed when he read about Oak Island in the reader’s digest in the year 1965. Since then he decided to search for the ancient hidden treasure on the island and started planning for the same. He used to stay in Florida with his wife, but few months after reading about the treasure in Oak Island he decided to relocate with his life in the treasures island. He has made constant efforts and spent nearly 45 years digging and searching the treasure that is said to be buried in the Oak Island, but he has not achieved success in finding it.

Dan Blankenship

Full Name Dan Blankenship
Birth Date N/A
Nationality American
Height 5’11”
Parents N/A
Net Worth $1 million
Source of Income TV Personality
Annual Salary Under review
Sibling N/A
Children Under review
Ethnicity White
Wife Married

His appearance on the show “the Curse of Oak Island” on History channel earned him immense fame and he became known to many. People came to know about his moving story through his appearance on the show and soon he became the most searched topic on the internet. But not much could be known by him, as she relocated to the islands several years back. Unable to find the treasure even after trying for years left the treasure hunter with much disappointment, but the arrival of Marty and Rick brought about new enthusiasm in Dan Blankenship and his excitement and enthusiasm were regained.

Even if he was unable to find the treasure, it is believed that the net worth of Dan Blankenship is about $1 million which is good enough to take care of his family.

The show “The Curse of Oak Island” gained much popularity and the shows latest episodes had over 3 million viewership. This not resulted in the increase in net worth of the show stars but also helped Dan Blankenship earn a decent amount.

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