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Dave Carraro – Net Worth, Wiki, Family, Wife

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Wicked Tuna show star Dave Carraro revealed net worth including his wiki, height, family including girlfriend turned wife. Check his early life & success story. National Geographic’s Wicked Tuna which first hit the airwaves and pierced through the hearts of audiences in 2012 has been going on strong till now. Now in the sixth season of its airing, Wicked Tuna, for people who are unaware is a reality television series about commercial tuna fishing by fishermen based in Gloucester, Massachusetts. It is not just any tuna, but the lucrative blue fin tuna of the North Atlantic Ocean, that the groups battle to boast off.

Full NameDave Carraro
Height5.10 Feet
Net Worth$600,000
Source Of EarningReality Television Star & Fishing
Annual Salary$100 Thousand
Monthly Income$8,300
GirlfriendJess Boardway

Among the current groups or vessels, more correctly, FV-Tuna.com is one. This vessel has been captained by Dave Carraro since the show’s inception. Carraro helms the 38-foot high sheer Duffy with ease and lots of tuna. Captain Carraro, now 49 years of age was born in New Jersey. This northern New Jersey native has been fishing in the waters near Gloucester for about 30 years. Dave is also a commercial airline pilot. When he isn’t searching for his prized tunas, he is seen flying friendly skies above U.S. East Coast as a pilot for JetBlue. He has dividing his time between the show and piloting duties quite seamlessly. On the fishing side of things, Dave has been fishing in areas like Bahamas, Mexico as well as the East Coast and possesses a license for fish hunting and an USCG 100-ton Masters license. Amid all this, it is quite interesting to note that Dave never eats sea food.  Carraro, a prodigy earned his captain’s license when he was 20 and caught his first giant blue fin tuna in his mid-teens. When he relocated to Gloucester, he also worked as a ski instructor in order to support his fishing income. He also says, he prefers fishing over flying and would give up flying if he had to choose between the two.

Regarding his personal live, Dave has been busted (kissing) with his girlfriend name Jess Boardway on a ship 🙂 So it’s confirmed that he gotta girlfriend and she is going to be his wife pretty soon.

On the show, his Tuna.com vessel has Paul Herbert and Sandro Maniaci as his crew members who religiously follow the captain’s orders. Herbert is his first mate and Maniaci his deckhand. Last year, Dave finished third in earnings, his lowest in four years. So being the ace that he is, this time his new state-of-the-art boat FV Tuna.com will, he hopes, make him the champion. As of 2017, Dave is valued at $6 million.

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