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David Dobrik Net Worth Calculation and Girlfriend 2018

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This 20 year old vlogger David Dobrik has a huge net worth at this age. Most of the incomes comes from Youtube & currently has a girlfriend too. David Dobrik is an American internet personality, famous for his videos and social networking fan following. At his young age, Dobrik has managed to procure an estimated net worth of $750,000!

NameDavid Dobrik
Birth DateJuly 23, 1996
Age20 Years
Net Worth$700,000
Source of IncomeYoutube Blogger
Annual Salary$400,000
Monthly Income$33,000
Weekly Income$8,250
Daily Income$1,170
Height1.70 m /5.6 feet
GirlfriendLiza Koshy


Born July 23, 1996, Dubrik was born and brought up till his early childhood in Kosice, Slovakia. He relocated to Chicago, Illinois when he was in school. He is White by ethnicity and American by nationality. Her had been extremely naughty and funny as a child and he liked playing pranks along with his brother.

Youtube Journey and David Dobrik’s Net Worth

Here is a rough calculation how much David Dobrik earn from his videos by posting it on Youtube.

Total No. of Videos: 224 (as on 24th Dec 2016)

Average Video per view: 1,454,000 (1.4 Million)

Average Earning on per million views: $700

Earning from per video: $980

Total Earning from Videos: $219,520  ($980×224 videos)

So if we calculate the net worth of David Dobrik then it’s clear that from his Youtube videos itself he earn about $220 Thousand easily. There must be other source of income like endorsement.

The 20 year old has surely got the internet world by storm. With over 1.2 million followers trending his online profile on Youtube, Dobrik is getting popular with each passing days. In 2014, his channel crossed half million fan following benchmark. He is termed as the fastest rising video blogger currently.

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Dobrik initially started with Vine app but gradually shifted to Youtube in 2013. He initially only had around 40,000 while his Vine account had crossed 1 million followers. He initially researched on the topics which he can Vlog. Dobrik noticed that there was a lack of comedy videos over the internet and thus came up with his own style of presenting comedy. His videos are generally sitcom and include slang and censored words which have appealed and accept the huge college and young crowd. His videos are original and have its own style of presentation. Also, Dobrik collaborated with other like-minded established vloggers to increase fan and viewership base. He posts his videos thrice a week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays which help him to be consistent and always high with energy.

Who is David Dobrik’s Girlfriend?

Apart from vlogging, Dobrik has accounts on other social networking sites as well which he uses to advertise his channel. In December 2016, his channel passed 2 million subscribers and has even more views which reflect that he has a tremendous number of people sharing his videos.

Dobrik stands 5.6 feet tall with great looks. He posts selfies with his friends and family quite often on his public accounts and is also into a serious relationship with Liza Koshy (real name is Elizabeth Koshy) who is also a popular internet personality with over 4 million followers. Dobrik seems to love her a lot as he frequently posts on Instagram and Twitter about their love anniversaries and writes romantic text about Liza publicly. Apart from blogging, Dobrik for his good looks have also made several appearances on television as well as a few films. His pleasant personality, wit and down-to earth approach has augmented his popularity.

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