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The young American fitness guru Devin Physique has able to save a net worth of $5 million however other sources are claiming that its around $2 million. Born on June 13 1990, he shared his wiki, age, height, siblings, weight, family and fitness secret.  Devin Zimmerman a.k.a Devin physique, was born on 13th July, 1990 in Chino Hills, California. His family consists of his mother and two younger sisters. He is a popular Fitness athlete and Instagram star, who also provides online fitness coaching.

Full NameDevin Physique
Birth DateJune 13, 1990
Height5.8 feet / 1.76 m
ParentsUnder Review
Net Worth$5 Million
Source of IncomeBodybuilder
Annual Salary$400,000
SiblingTwo younger Sister
GirlfriendProbably Single

Devin Physique gained popularity mainly for his radical body transformation. Earlier in his teens, he used to be very lithe and lightweight. When in high school, he started running cross country. He got so good at it, that he even won a full scholarship to San Jose State University, an offer he later on passed up to pursue bodybuilding.

Being a successful fitness star, Devin Physique net worth reaches to $5 million in 2018 and it looks like it’s going to increase by at least 20% by next year.

Devin’s friends encouraged him to join a gym and lift weights to better his physique. It took three years, but soon Devin was muscular and ripped. He soon took to Instagram to share his progress pictures and people were very encouraging with their comments and feedback. Many people were motivated to improve their own fitness levels.

Although Devin is not listed under the richest fitness model however his earning is impressive. While other fitness celebrities like Anllela Sagra and Jessica Arevalo’s details can be found here.

Devin’s Popularity grew and he soon garnered a humongous following on social media. At last count, his Instagram follower count stood at 1.7 million. This made way for online coaching programs and numerous sponsorship deals, the most prominent being him becoming a SHREDZ sponsored Athlete. Working closely with the team at Shredz, he promoted their products and also vouched for them because he used them himself.

However, things took a turn for the worse when a controversy was unveiled when Devin Physique was accused of photo shopping most of the photos he uploaded via his Instagram account. This led to a large hue and cry amongst his followers who felt betrayed because they accused him of hiding his real results and sharing artificially enhanced versions of his gains. He tried to justify himself in front of his fans by giving an apology and explaining how everyone in the fitness industry uses some or the other method to alter their pictures for better results. But further allegations were made saying the diet plans he shares online are not prepared by him, but his assistant. All this culminated in SHREDZ withdrawing their contract and putting out an official statement distancing themselves from Devin.

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