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Diesel Dave Net Worth – Wiki, Girlfriend & Wife

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The superstar Diesel Dave has a net worth of $35 thousand as per his Wiki. Check out his girlfriend, future wife, salary & family detail. Discovery channel has launched some different kind of programs, which are based on completely unique platforms and Diesel Brothers are one of these. Diesel Dave is the reality star from this show. He is the friend of Heavy D another popular name from the show. They both have a business to make custom diesel trucks and that’s the theme of this tv show.

NameDiesel Dave
Birth DateApr 30, 1974
Net Worth$350,000
Source of IncomeEntrepreneur
Annual Salary$150,000

Diesel and Heavy D have a great bonding since they met at an event at Church and that was an event for the young bachelors of the society. They met and after having an outing to the lake with Heavy D and his friends. That was the turning point of Diesel Dave’s career and he incidentally joined Heavy D as he found it is a good career option for him and as well as it is also a good choice to impress the ladies. His thought changed to his passion when he rescued Heavy D faced a gasoline issue in his truck. This duo has settled down their own business “DieselSellerz”, which is a successful business concern even Discovery has chosen that as their subject of the show. It was the love, passion and hard work of the Diesel Brothers as they are now on the top of success.

The net worth of Diesel is now near $350,000 but hopefully, he is going to make that higher. They received a lump sum amount of salary every month from the channel and there also the income from their business.  Diesel Dave is a person on boat, lake, and truck. He has the complete idea about all the types of equipment of truck custom. Selling and building the diesel trucks is now the first love of Dave’s life.

Regarding personal life of Diesel Dave, he is currently dating with girlfriend name Susan and hopefully she will be his wife pretty soon.

He always wanted to put up the hammer in his hand to create something new for their business. Diesel Dave has a charming personality and his presence on the show is quite interesting. He has large bread, which is also a reason for his popularity. He is quite popular on Instagram and facebook. His trucks are the vision of his culture.

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