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Check out Doug Marcaida who revealed wiki and net worth detail. He is a Filipino Martial artist, find his ethnicity, family, bio & age – Forged in Fire show given him name and fame.  Kuya Doug Marcaida is a well known martial artist and a blade designer. He appears on television as a judge and runs his own martial arts schools.  Marcaida is a Filipino residing in the United States. He grew up with an interest in weaponry and personal combat and went on to be an expert in the same. He specializes in various fighting styles like hand to hand as well as battlefield strategies.

Full NameDoug Marcaida
Net Worth$300 Thousand
Source of IncomeArtist & TV
Annual Salary$75,000
WifeUnder Review

Marcaida runs his martial arts school by the name Marcaida Kali which is an ancient form of Filipino Martial Arts where environmental tools are used as weapons during an attack. He designs and produces Karambit weapons by the name DART, abbreviated from Direct Action Response Theory. His most famous pieces include DART Knife and DART XT. Along with designer Bastein Bastinelli, Marcaida co-designed Le Piquer, Mako and the Contractor series. All his designs are based on Karambit where the knife has a hooked blade, a safety ring and an ergonomic handle which in totality resemble a claw. All his products including video series and motivational talks are available on his personal website

Marcaida’s expertise was noticed by History channel and he was hired as a judge for the show Forged in Fire. The programme deals with competitors making knife out of limited environmental resources. Marcaida tests the weapons after its production for uniqueness, endurance, durability and sharpness and kill factor. He enjoys this challenging job and finds his exposure through television has made his art popular amongst the common people which in turn had been beneficial for his business.

Currently he runs schools at three locations in Rochester, New York, one in Romania and others in Ireland and Detroit. His school remains open from 7 in the morning till 8:30 in the evening. He follows a strict screening before taking in students and selects only the ones with a clear goal of learning the art. According to Marcaida, weapons are force multipliers and should be used wisely and with proper training.  His net worth is nearly $300 thousand and his public profile on Facebook has drawn a fan of 251,200 making him a much talked about martial artist.

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