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Video gamer, Youtuber Dr DisRespect net worth is now known. Check out his wiki from height, age, real name, how much he earn, girlfriend and facts.  Even though Dr DisRespect is a gamer and made his name based on that profession, he is well known among the youth. Dr DisRespect was a YouTuber who made his name as a gamer, playing and reviewing game on the online video platform. But the main reason why everyone most people knows him is because of his signature look that included a mullet wig, a moustache and dark sunglasses. It was supposed to be a parodied look; however, the fans picked it up and appreciated his funny representation.

Full NameGuy Beahm
Birth DateMarch 10, 1982
Height6.4 feet / 1.95 m
ParentsUnder Review
Net Worth$300 thousand
Source of IncomeTwitch Star
Annual Salary$90,000
SiblingUnder Review

Dr DisRespect was born on March 10, 1982 in the United States of America. The real name of Dr DisRespect is Guy Beahm. He graduated from California State Polytechnic University in 2005. Guy started a YouTube channel under the name of Dr DisRespect and appeared on the videos and live streams in his famous ridiculous get up. He also streams shooters like H1N1: King of the Hill on Twitch, another online video platform.

He was soon hired by Sledgehammer Games, a leading video game developer in America, which led to his dropping of the get up of Dr DisRespect. Sledgehammer Games first hired him as community manager, but on March 1, 2012, he announced, via Twitter, that he has been promoted to a Level Design Position at the company’s Studio.  This was a huge step in his career as he went on to accomplish a number of things. As the designer he helped design some of the massively successful games like, Call of Duty: Advance Warfare, which includes Solar, Horizon, Instinct, Ascend, Recovery, Slideshow, Site 244 and Quarantine.

Having a successful run at Sledgehammer Games for more than 3 years, Guy announced that he would be retiring from the gaming company. He announced the decision on September 29, 2015. He said that he wants to pursue other interests. Upon retiring Guy returned to his favorite job and reinstated the personality Dr DisRespect. He soon started streaming videos through both YouTube and Twitch, reaching a whopping 550,000 followers on Twitch. As of 2018, Dr DisRespect’s net worth has been calculated to be around $300,000.

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