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Drew Monson Net Worth – Biography, Family 2017

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The hilarious youtube star Drew Monson has an updated net worth of $200 thousand. Check out his biography, his source of income, family & siblings in 2017. If you are a regular YouTube visitor and love to enjoy some heavy dose of comedy skits and vlogs, I believe you would definitely know Drew Monson. Drew Monson, commonly known as MyToeCold has evasive 856k subscribers on his channel.

NameDrew Monson
Net Worth$200,000
Source of IncomeActing
Annual Salary$100,000
Monthly Income$8,000
Weekly Income$2,000
Daily Income$280
Birth DateJune 26, 1995
Height1.88 m / 6.2 feet
Weight80 kg

Born on June 26th, 1995 In Modesto, Drew has a sister, started his YouTube  channel on 2006 and today, he is one of the leading  YouTube  artists. Though no exact information has been found about his source of income but, his net worth value is 200 thousand dollars.

He also did some Hollywood movies like “Not cool”, “Viral Video2”, etc. Though his film “Not cool” received negative feedback from the audience and the critics, Drew Monson never stopped making his audience laugh by his YouTube uploads.  He is just 21 Years old but , the way he is rising or gaining popularity simply proves that when it comes to passion or doing the thing you enjoy the most, age is just a number.  Some of his most viewed videos are- “Kissing my boyfriend”,  “Giant ice-cream Sunday”, etc and much more. There are other well known Youtube personalities like Shane Dawson, beautiful Jenna Marbles, Meg Turney etc.

He had always been a famous personality both, normally and also a bit on the controversial side.e grabbed eyeballs many times by his hilarious yet  tactful tweets like-  “I am ready for a hot person to ruin my life”, etc. Drew Monson always knew how to make his followers laugh out like a riot. His stand up skills had been praisedmany times.  Though there is not much information about him, you will definitely know a bit or so about him once you check his YouTube. Currently busy with his upcoming film “Dirty 30”. Drew had not been active on his blogging platform. His earlier movies didn’t receive good reviews from the audience either the critics, but let’s hope he does his best this time.

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