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Edgar Hansen Net Worth – Biography, Wife 2017

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The famous face of Deadliest Catch, Edgar Hansen net worth reached to $700 thousand. As per his biography, he is married to Louise & has 2 siblings in 2017. He is an American television personality who has been associated with the sea from a very young age. He is viewed as a character who is homely and affectionate, often sacrificing for the welfare of the crew. He worked as a skipper, chief engineer, deck boss and a cook in his brother’s vessel and has earned a con

NameEdgar Hansen
Net Worth$700,000
Source of IncomeTV Personality
Annual Salary$100,000
Monthly Income$8,000
Weekly Income$2,000
Birth DateJanuary 14, 1971
WifeLouise Hansen

Capri Sun Hansen was born on January 14th in 1971 and is currently 45 years of age. His hometown is Seattle, Washington DC, United States and has been majorly raised there. He is the youngest of three Hansen brothers, both being in the same show and in the crabbing business. Hansen took to fishing from the age of 18 years trained by his father. Hansen joined as a cook in his brothers sailing vessel NorthWestern. He was expert as a cook as he met to the demands of the crew very efficiently and even whipped up gourmet dishes in no time.

siderable amount through his appearances on television accumulating about $700,000 as his net worth.

Hansen also acted as the chief engineer for the vessel accounting to the safety of the crew members and ensuring the correct flow of crabs. Hansen and his brother Sig Hansen were approached by Discovery Channel to be showcased in the reality show about giant crab hunting titled Deadliest Catches in which he worked with Keith Colbun,  Elliott Neese, and Andy Hillstrand. The North Western along with its crew members were followed in several episodes and Hansen appeared in 71 episodes in total for the show. He also appeared in five episodes of After The Catch and in The tonight Show With Jay Leno and WAAF FAM Hill-Man Morning Show. He recently gave up the sea life in order to be with his family.

Hansen is married to Louise with three children. He proposed his wife to remarry him again in 2012 during a television show. He suffered from a spine degenerative disorder in 2015 which affected his dexterity to quite some extent. He believes in pride and family heritage and takes his profession by heart rather than for money. He came for the live chat for the fans in 2007 and suffered from a huge cut on his head by ice during the programme. Hansen himself is a food lover and loves to feast on shrimp and steak. In 2009 he sacrificed his pay to enable fellow Jake Anderson for a full time share on the vessel.

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