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She is the reality star and gold miner came on Bering Sea Gold, today Emily Riedel’s net worth is about $250 thousand.  Check her biography, family, bf name in 2017. Being an American television reality star, Riedel is also a professional opera singer as well as a gold miner.
Regarding her biography, Emily was born in July 4, 1988 and is currently 28 years of age. Her father Steve Reidel was a driver of the Wild Ranger. From childhood she wanted to become an opera singer and always procured a degree in the same. Fishing was her chief family income. She appears in the reality show about gold hunt and mining in the Bearing Sea and has an estimated net worth of $250,000.

When struggling with opera singing and managing her university funding, Reidel was approached by her close friend Zeke Tenhoff to come over to Nome, Alaska and try out gold digging which was a way of quick and easy money. She took to the call and was offered to work in his vessel The Clark where she worked as a deckhand initially and later in the vessel The Edge. She reached Nome with only $300 and lived 5 miles off the city in a small rundown shack down the shore, with only a bed to lie on.

Other reality stars who came on Bering Sea Gold like Shawn Pomrenke and Zeke Tenhoff has good net worth as well.

During this tough phase, Discovery Network approached to follow their lives onscreen in the show titled Bearing Sea Gold. This was a big opportunity for her and she jumped to the offer. During season three of the show, Reidel bought the vessel The Edge and renamed it to The Eroica. She is currently the Captain of the dredging vessel.

Reidel reported in an interview that she started gold digging as simply to fund her higher education in opera, but gradually the fame and success has become part of her life which she cannot imagine without it. She is the only female cast in the show and faces a lot of trouble facing the entire crew and permanent cameras. She is termed to be extremely efficient in her work and believes in power than precision during the procedure of procuring gold.

Reidel is seen being in an on and off relation with her friend Zeke Tenhoff. Their relationship turmoil and patch-ups zest up the show once in a while. While she is good looking with dark hair and slim features, Reidel is mostly seen diving into the cold waters of the Bearing Sea in either her swimwear or underwear without an apparent reason. She recently started studying astrophysics. During a dive, she once ran out of oxygen and had almost drowned, but luckily saved at the nick of time.

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