Famous Celebrities Born in 1957

These are few popular celebrities (from actor, actress, sportsman etc) are born in 1957.  These famous people are from America, Canada, and Britain.

List of Famous Celebrities Born in 1957

Katie CouricMonday, January 07, 1957American
Jimmy SpencerFriday, February 15, 1957American
Joel SalatinSunday, February 24, 1957American
Tom SosnoffWednesday, March 06, 1957American
Sterling MarlinSunday, June 30, 1957American
Bret HartTuesday, July 02, 1957Canadian-American
Steve DavisThursday, August 22, 1957British
Stephen FrySaturday, August 24, 1957British
Ray EvernhamMonday, August 26, 1957American
Khandi AlexanderWednesday, September 04, 1957American
Fran DrescherMonday, September 30, 1957American
Marty Raney1957American
Matt LauerMonday December 30, 1957American
Bret HartTuesday July 2, 1957American
Daniel DayMonday April 29, 1957British
Denis LearySunday August 18, 1957American
Bernie MacSaturday October 5, 1957American
Andrew Dice ClaySunday  September 29, 1957American
Carole BouquetSunday August 18, 1957French
Andrew CuomoFriday December 6, 1957American
Dolph LundgrenSunday November 3, 1957Swedish
Dawn FrenchFriday October 11, 1957British
Candace CollinsSunday May 26, 1957American
Brian Joseph ReganMonday June 2, 1958American
Denise AustinWednesday  February 13, 1957American
Donna DixonSaturday July 20, 1957American
Anna LindhWednesday June 19, 1957Swedish
Amanda PlummerSaturday March 23, 1957American
Melanie GriffithFriday August 9, 1957American
Caroline KennedyWednesday November 27, 1957American
Kevin PollakWednesday October 30, 1957American



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