Famous Celebrities Born in 1957

These are few popular celebrities (from actor, actress, sportsman etc) are born in 1957.  These famous people are from America, Canada, and Britain.

List of Famous Celebrities Born in 1957

Photo Name DOB Nationality
Katie Couric Katie Couric Monday, January 07, 1957 American
Jimmy Spencer Jimmy Spencer Friday, February 15, 1957 American
Joel Salatin Net Worth Joel Salatin Sunday, February 24, 1957 American
Tom Sosnoff Net Worth Tom Sosnoff Wednesday, March 06, 1957 American
Sterling Marlin Sterling Marlin Sunday, June 30, 1957 American
Popular professional wrestler Bret Hart Bret Hart Tuesday, July 02, 1957 Canadian-American
Steve Davis Steve Davis Thursday, August 22, 1957 British
Popular actor Stephen Fry Stephen Fry Saturday, August 24, 1957 British
Ray Evernham Ray Evernham Monday, August 26, 1957 American
Khandi Alexander Net Worth Khandi Alexander Wednesday, September 04, 1957 American
Actress Fran Drescher net worth Fran Drescher Monday, September 30, 1957 American
 Marty Raney Marty Raney 1957 American
 Matt Lauer Matt Lauer Monday December 30, 1957 American
 Bret Hart Bret Hart Tuesday July 2, 1957 American
 Daniel Day Daniel Day Monday April 29, 1957 British
 Denis Leary Denis Leary Sunday August 18, 1957 American
 Bernie Mac Bernie Mac Saturday October 5, 1957 American
 Andrew Dice Clay Andrew Dice Clay Sunday  September 29, 1957 American
 Carole Bouquet Carole Bouquet Sunday August 18, 1957 French
 Andrew Cuomo Andrew Cuomo Friday December 6, 1957 American
 Dolph Lundgren Dolph Lundgren Sunday November 3, 1957 Swedish
 Dawn French Dawn French Friday October 11, 1957 British
Candace Collins Sunday May 26, 1957 American
 Brian Joseph Regan Brian Joseph Regan Monday June 2, 1958 American
 Denise Austin Denise Austin Wednesday  February 13, 1957 American
 Donna Dixon Donna Dixon Saturday July 20, 1957 American
 Anna Lindh Anna Lindh Wednesday June 19, 1957 Swedish
 Amanda Plummer Amanda Plummer Saturday March 23, 1957 American
 Melanie Griffith Melanie Griffith Friday August 9, 1957 American
 Caroline Kennedy Caroline Kennedy Wednesday November 27, 1957 American
 Kevin Pollak Kevin Pollak Wednesday October 30, 1957 American

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