Popular Youtuber Filthy Frank
Popular Youtuber Filthy Frank

Filthy Frank Net Worth, Wiki, Age 2018

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The most hilarious Youtuber Filthy Frank has a net worth of $1.3  million. His wiki revealed his real name, age, ethnicity – running TVFilthyFrank channel. Promoting comedy through YouTube, it is actually a viral method of today and Filthy Frank has chosen that same platform to achieve success in his career. Filthy is a sensational Youtube face, he has his own youtube channel, TV Filthy Frank. The original name of Filthy is George Miller; he has chosen the name Filthy Frank to gain enormous popularity online. But it is not the one; he has more alter egos for his online ventures and to reach his fans like Lemon Guy, Pink Guy, Safari man and Salamander Man.

NameGeorge “Joji” Miller
Birth DateSeptember 18, 1992
Net Worth$1.3 Million
Source of IncomeYoutuber
Annual Salary$300,000
Monthly Income$25,000
Weekly Income$6,250
Daily Income$890
Height1.70 m /5.8 feet
Weight70 kg

I will show you how Filthy Frank net worth is $1.3 million, just continue reading. Filthy is from a Japanese-Australian ancestry. He was born on 18th September of 1992 in Japan. But then his family moved to New York and now he lives in Brooklyn. This 24 years old youngsters has created a big fan following all over the world. He lost his parents when he was eight; it was the most pathetic portion of his life. There was nothing, without a wish which his parents left for him to help him for identifying his hidden abilities. He was a little bit autistic in his early age but he overcomes it and has proved his ability. He brought up by his nearest relatives, according to him by a terrible uncle, Frank. Frank taught him that how to use his powers. But a sudden death of Frank has taken away the only relative of this young guy. He took the name, Frank, to feel or to act like Frank, his uncle.

Lets calculate his earning. The most popular video that Filthy uploaded on his Youtube Channel is “BEST OF PINK GUY” that has over 15 million views, OMG.  Here is a pic of his 15 videos that has a total 85 million views, that means he received about 5.6 million average views on his each videos. Since the main source of Filthy Frank’s earning comes from Video ads, the minimum amount he should be getting paid on per 1 million views is $600 (assuming least). Therefore from below 15 videos itself he already earned $50,400 (84 million views x $400).

  • He has uploaded total 151 videos.
  • 151 videos x 5.6 million views = 845 Million Vies
  • 845 Million views x $600 = $507,000

Dizasta Music is another Youtube channel of this funny man, which he has launched on 15th June of 2008. He has uploaded all of the holistic videos under his mask names. He covers the contemporary subjects and presents it with a funny color and texture. There actually some few subjects, like “Black people don’t let me suck” and “first day of skool”, which he has presented through his videos.

George is the part of Shrimpton Boys, a group of four boys. Before that, he was the part of Tempuraboys, another boys group.

Popular youtuber Filthy Frank

George can speak the Japanese language very fluently and he has released a video series name, Japanese 101 and most popular one from this series is Pick up lines in Japanese. These videos are all settled in the Japanese language.

Music and Loser Reads Hater Comments, these two are other popular videos for her galore. Filthy  has made a huge net worth from his YouTube career.

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