Gabrielle Bernstein Motivational Speaker Net Worth

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The gorgeous motivational speaker Gabrielle Bernstein was born in 1979 and today her net worth is huge. Check her annual salary, bio, husband & children detail. Gabrielle is a renowned entrepreneur and an author also. As a life coach, she motivates the people of America to live a newly enriched life. A course in Miracles is the most famous metaphysical text by this woman. She is the Guru of New Generation according to The New York Times. This is for her views on life and spirituality. She emphasizes self-love and forgiveness to the people through her own website and also by several public appearances.

Gabrielle Bernstein net worth

Real Name Gabrielle Bernstei
Birth Date 1 November, 1979
Net Worth $2 Million
Source of Income Motivational Speaker
Annual Salary $350,000
Ethnicity White
Husband Zach Rocklin

She has launched her social networking website, in 2008 and this is a website only for women to provide the meditation guide and mentoring them to live the life for own sake. She has written many bibliographies, blogs, and books on life. She is a true pioneer for the women, who suffers from low confidence level and other mental and physical issues. She appeared several times on internet, television, and radios for the interview sessions and she has shared her thoughts on these Medias.

She has written many books about life including “Add more Ing to Your Life”, Meditating: Meditation for fearless Romance, Sprit Junkie: A Radical Road to Self-Love and Miracles, May cause Miracles, God is my Publicist: 7 simple steps to Manifest Media, Miracles Now, Miracles Now: Inspirational Affirmations and Life Changing Tools, The Universe has Your Back and the Gabrielle Bernstein Bundle. Most of her books are the best seller of New York Times. She also shares her views and life to change methods through, which is her own website. Gabrielle is a well-known figure in public relation. She is the founder of PR firm Sparkplug Communications and this one of the most renowned public relation firm of America.

To connect the new female entrepreneurs, she also has founded Women’s Entrepreneurial Network. She was born on 1st November of 1979 in New York and she brought up in Larchmont of New York. She has attended the Syracuse University and has received her graduation degree on Theatre. She is the host of the inspirational show, The Dr. Oz Show. With Deepak Chopra, she has hosted the Guinness World Record for largest guided meditation.

This popular public figure of America has launched Miracle Membership, a monthly subscription program for spiritual practices of the people. She is a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher and she posts her views, blogs and vlogs on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

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