Gaston Glock Net Worth, Wiki, Age, Wife, House

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Gaston Glock is an Austrian businessman who has a net worth of $2.4 billion. Being an Engineer, his wiki revealed his ex and new wife, house, horse to family. Gaston Glock is an arms designer or better you can say an engineer to make the guns and revolvers. He founded his own arm manufacturer company Glock. He is a billionaire from Austria, who started his career journey with knives or rods or as a manufacturer of Knives and rods.

Gaston Glock Net Worth

Name Gaston Glock
Net Worth $2.6 Billion
Source of Income Engineer
Annual Salary $250 Million
Monthly Income $20 Million
Weekly Income $5 Million
Birth Date July 19, 1929
Ethnicity White
Height 1.74 m
Weight  –
Wife Kathrin Glock
Ex-Wife Helga Glock (1962–2011)

He was born on 19th July 1929 and made applied for the patent of his first pistol on 1981. After the grant from Austria, he made Glock 17, the first pistol from the Glock. His career graph became high with his move to work for the Austrian Army; he manufactured the army components on an injection-moulding machine. That was just a beginning but surprisingly this firearms king did not make any firearms before his 52 years old. He was a polymers expert.

Gaston Glock

The 87 years old engineer from is a big man, he achieved $2.6 billion net worth from his successful career journey, which he started very late. He loves to maintain a low profile life but he has many high-profile friends from all over the world like Pope John Paul II and the follower of Hitler from Austria Jorg Haider. He lives in a Lake Front and a huge mansion in Austria with a scintillating interior. He owns a Cessna Citation Jet, which is his most favorite travel partner. He married Helga Glock in 1999 and they have three children, Robert, Gaston Jr.  and his only daughter is Brigitte. They have the limited authority company job as most of the authority of his company belongs to Glock himself. After his divorce with Helga (51 year of relationship), he married his nurse Kathrin Tschikof.

Gaston Glock with his wife Kathrin Glock

Gaston spends so million Euros for charity purpose. He had a sudden stroke but he recovered and even he was a murder victim, his closet and trustworthy business associated Charles Ewert was behind the murder plan and he hired the French mercenary for the purpose, he was injured by the attack but came back and sent the hired murderer and the planner in the prison for several years.

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