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Realtiy TV star and alligator hunter Glenn Guist net worth has been revealed of $300 thousand. Check out his wiki, age, siblings, source of wealth and facts. He is an American star who has extraordinary crocodile hunting skills. His occupation and reality television appearances have fetched him immense popularity and is estimated to have a net worth of 200 thousand dollars!

Full NameGlenn Guist
Birth Date1962
Net Worth$300 Thousand
Source of IncomeTV Star
Annual Salary$70,000
WifeUnder Review
SiblingGlenn Guist

Guist was born in Gonzales, Louisiana and was brought up shuttling between Gonzales and Pecan Island. He has a younger brother named Mitchell Guist who also appeared in the reality show Swamp People aired on History Channel. The show deals with the everyday lives of Cajuns or alligator hunters living in the Atchafalaya River Basin located Louisiana and continuing the 300 year old art of gator hunting. The alligator hunting season lasts for only 30 days where groups of Cajuns hunt the beasts and procure their annual catch and income. A specific set of tags are alloyed to the gator hunting groups and depleting them means the end of their hunt for that season. The show follows the hunters of which the Guist brothers became extremely popular for their expertise and the different catches which they hunted for food, Guist majorly synchronized with his brother and did things together.

The show aired in 2010 and is still continuing. Guist first appeared in the show in season 2. He lost his brother n 2012 while they were building a house boat. Being the inseparable duo, his brothers sudden death broke him badly and he was off the show for quite sometime.But he came back to complete the houseboat in memory of his beloved brother which was covered in season 4.

Guist is seen as an active, calm and adventure loving person. His unique catches of bullfrog, gar fish, Snapping Turtles, Cottontail, Squirrel, rabbit and many more drew the cattention of the general public. In the 100th episode Guist had a huge role in the show and was seen training Daimen and Destin to shoot with a 22 rifle. His white beard, cap and casual tees became a signature style and in the 100th episode, after being defeated by Daimen and Destin he was supposed to shave off his beard. The duo ultimately did not end up shaving Guist’s beard as they could not imagine him without one. In many of his pictures, Guist is seen to be wearing spectacles and having his one eye discolored. This could mean either he is blind in one eye which is a high probability for gator hunters.

Apart from being an expert gator hunter, Guist became extremely popular on social networking sites as well. He has a fan page on Facebook with 42,500 fan following as on June, 2017. In his spare time, Guist when not hunting or shooting, likes photographing birds in the wild. His age or birthday is not very well known but is estimated to be in his mid fifty’s. He is considered to be one of the most popular casts of the show and is predicted to air his own show in Discovery and History channel soon. His emotions and pain surrounding his brother’ s demise still lingers in his posts even after 5 years.

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