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Gold Rush Alaska Cast Net Worth – Meet the Team

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Meet the Gold Rush Alaska TV series cast including leading actor and actresses detail including their net worth and salary info as on 2018. This reality series aired on Discovery Channel is based on the lives of miners and their efforts to mine gold in Alaska. The leadership skills and persistence of the miners is cast in the form of an adventurous ordeal. Viewers also come to know about the techniques and machinery used in gold mining. Each miner gets 22,000 USD per episode. Most of the mining companies are located in the Klondike region of Yukon, Canada. The first season was  named Gold Rush: Alaska.

Todd Hoffman

Todd Hoffman’s mining company named 316 Mining company covers North and South America. Hoffman has proved his determination to become successful in gold mining. Through persistent efforts and team building skills, he has made the gold mining industry quite profitable and operational on a large scale. Todd Hoffman has a salary of 30,000 USD. His net worth is 1 million USD.

Parker Schnabel

Parker Schnabel is a young miner who became an overnight star through this reality show. The 22 year old miner Parker Schnabel earned a handsome 13 million USD from the third season of the reality show. Parker’s tremendous intelligence and determination helped him achieve this feat. Parker’s salary per episode is 50,000 USD. He has a net worth of 1 million USD. He got help from key players like Rick Ness and Tony Beets.

Rick Ness

Rick Ness, a former footballer and musician was invited by Parker to join Gold Rush team. Rick used his prior knowledge of machinery acquired from home construction business and embarked upon the challenging mission of traversing Canada’s frozen Klondike area. Rick learnt to be a skilled excavator and an expert operator. He led the team through tough sixth season, helping to bring more gold. At present, he has a net worth of 400000 USD.

Tony Beets

Tony Beets is a miner, skilled in the art of gold finding. Previously, he used to milk cows for a living. Then he started off as a machine operator. During Season 2 of Gold Rush, it was Beets who suggested Hoffman that gold mining can be done best by drilling test holes. In Season 4, he played an important part by guiding Parker Schnabel in his rookie season of gold mining in Klondike. Tony Beets has earned an annual salary of 2 million USD from the reality show.

Mitch Blaschke

Mitch Blaschke is a young self trained mechanic. He started working in a collision repair shop since he was only 14. When he was just a high school student, he started working as a mechanic and gradually acquired the technical skills for the job. In Season 3 of Gold Rush, Mitch partnered with Todd Hoffman’s crew. He had a good experience at Quartz Creek. He played a key role in Parker’s success. His annual salary is 100,000 USD.

Jim Thurber

Jim Thurber was the first person to join Hoffman’s Gold Rush team in Alaska. 6 years ago, he used to be a hard working sheet metal worker. In Hoffman’s team, he was the camp safety officer, responsible for safeguarding members working in tough working conditions and dangerous mining sites. Though initially he knew nothing of gold, he kept learning through his failures and gradually became indispensable for the team. Presently, his annual salary is 120,000 USD while his net worth is 350,000 USD.

Payson Schnabel

Payson Schnabel is another member of Gold Rush camp. He is the elder brother of Parker Schnabel. He appeared first on Gold Rush Season 3 in the episode named ‘Road to Gold’. He appeared second time in Season 4 in the episode ‘Grandpa’s last wish’. His annual salary is 150,000 USD.

Monica Beets

Monica Beets, the daughter of Tony Beets is a young female miner in Gold Rush reality show. She is a young player who takes up a supervisory role in her dad’s mining team. Born on 7th November 1993, she acquired mining knowledge from her father as she used to accompany him to the mining grounds. She has an annual salary of 175,000 USD. Her net worth is 1 million USD.

Fred Dodge

Fred Dodge is part of Gold Rush show since 2010. When the show began, he knew very little of gold mining. But as the show progressed, he mastered the techniques of  mining. His annual salary is 32,000 USD. He has a net worth of 400,000 USD.

Fred Hurt

Fred Hurt is an American gold miner. He has a net worth of 3 million USD. He started his career as a commercial diver at the Gulf of Mexico. He ran his own construction firm for 25 years before he became interested in mining. Within a year his team mined 600 ounces of gold.

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