Haystak Net Worth after Divorced and Children

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The rising rapper Haystak net worth is about $300 thousand in 2018. His real name is Jason Winfree, has 02 children and gained weight after divorce. Haystack is an American musician who rose to fame through his rapping about social issues.

NameJason Winfree
Birth DateMarch 22, 1973
Net Worth$300,000
Source of IncomeRapper
Annual Salary$100,000
Monthly Income$8,000
Weekly Income$2,000
Daily Income$280
HeightUnder Review
WeightUnder Review

Born as Jason Winfree, Haystak was born on March 22, 1973 in Nashville, Tennessee, United States. His parents were teenagers when he was born and he was majorly brought up by his grand-parents guidance. Out of resentment or otherwise, Winfree turned to drugs and cocaine. He was arrested for bringing the drugs to school when he was only 15 years of age. He served for two years and reverted to music as his full time career and a form of catharsis.

Haystak Net Worth is $300 thousand

Haystack’s rapping is majorly white thrash where he rapped about his poor life in Southern part of US. His songs revolved around social issues and being White as well as facing difficulties due to lack of privileges.

In 1990s Haystack associated with Street Flavor which landed up in a business relationship. In 1998, Haystak released his debut album titled “Mak Million” produced by Grisham and Paradise. Two years down the line he released his second album titled Car Fulla White Boys. During this phase, Haystak was successful in making a name for his himself regionally. The hardcore rap company Murder Dog recognised his talent and helped him promote his work which in return enabled  him to release his third album The Natural released by Koch in 2002. In 2000, Haystak’s second album was re-released by Koch. There are other popular rapper like /missy-elliott/ and Rasheeda who are earning more than Haystak.

In 2010, Haystak released his solo album Easy 2 Hate by Haystak Inc. He has worked on several albums as well as mixed tapes. He played the role of a DJ in the movie Hustle & Flow and was filmed for the documentary White Boyz Cant Rap. Haystak has collaborated with JellyRoll and Big Snap in other albums as well.

Haystak was married but now divorced (wife name is not known) and has two children. In 2014, Haystak was arrested for sexual assault during a concert in Iowa. He was released after a month in the month of December. He has got plump features and put on a lot of weight lately. He has numerous tattoos all over his body, neck and face as well.

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