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Holly Holm Net Worth – Bio, Height, Age, Salary 2018

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Holly Holm is a MMA player has a net worth of $1 million. Find out her biography including age, height, weight, salary per match to family detail.  Professional female MMA Holly Holm’s net worth is estimated of $1 million.  She became very popular competing the Ultimate Fighting Championship bantamweight division. Additionally she is also a kick boxer winning many tournaments. To highlight her career in boxing, she became 18-time world champion in three various weight classes, which further made her popular round the world.

NameHolly Rene Holm-Kirkpatrick
Birth Date17th December 1981
Net Worth$1 Million
Source of IncomeMixed Martial Arts
Income from Show$25,000
Income from Night Bonus$50,000
Income from Reebok$30,000
Income in 2015 from fights$300,000
Height1.73 m / 5.7 feet
Weight60 kg
HusbandJeff Kirkpatrick

Holly Holm created a very strong impact across the world defeating the Champion Ronda Rousey, on the UFC 193. Although this was an unexpected defeat, she became very popular among her fans and attracted millions of new fans across the world. Besides, those who bet on Holly Holm won a huge amount in this championship tournament against Rousey, which added to her overall net worth.

In addition to it, Holly Holm with the base salary of $65,000 earned about $330,000 in this championship and this also includes the fight bonus and pay-per view earnings. This UFC star, Holly Holm got a huge amount as her salary to fight Ronda Rousey, which was $200,000, where as her basic salary was $40,000 for just showing up. She was paid $70,000 for Performance of the Night as a bonus amount and $50,000 as winning bonus. She was also paid an additional amount of $30,000 from the Reebok sponsorship.

Holly Holm was born in New Mexico in 1981. She is of Swedish and Irish ancestry. She took part in many sports while she was growing up.  She pursued her degree at University of New Mexico, however dropped out in between.

With her increasing net worth, Holly Holm decided to buy a house with her husband, worth, $195,500.  This martial artist is also the Bantamweight Champion wining in the year 2015. Holly Holm is not only a former boxer, but she is also a kick boxer. She never lost the MMA fight. She was married to Jeff Kirkpatrick in 2012.  Please note that we tried to provide best available worth details of Holly Holm based on several web resources. However number might goes and down depending on tax and other factors.

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