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The NBA agent Iman Shokuohizadeh net worth is $700 thousand. As per his biography, he is from Texas, dating with DJ Duffey while his ethnicity is Persian. Iman Shokuohizadeh is a basketball agent by profession and came into limelight through her DJ girlfriend. The couple is much talked about through the reality shows and although his girlfriend earns quiet a hefty amount, Shokuohizadeh is no less.

Net Worth – $700 thousand

Name: Iman shokuohizadeh

DOB: 1988

Annual Salary: $444,000

Height: 5.10 Feet

Girlfriend: Latosha Duffey

Ethnicity: Persian

Shokuohizadeh was born in Mansfield, Texas in the year 1988. He is a Persian by ethnicity. He is well versed with Swedish and Farsi languages. Shokuohizadeh graduated from the renowned “Centenary College of Louisiana”. He works as an NBA agent which is his full time job. He fetches and negotiates contracts for the famous basketball players, which has enabled him to come in contact with media and celebrities. Shokuohizadeh’s job fetches him an approximate salary of $444,000 and recently he has bagged a contract of $1.4 million for shooting guard of Boston Celtics, Gerald Green.

Although already popular in the sports circle and amongst celebrities, Shokuohizadeh own brush with popularity rose when he got romantically associated with Latosha Duffey. She is a well known DJ and reality star actor. She has been married once earlier and has a son. She herself is a talented basketball player and maybe for this reason she took to Shokuohizadeh.  Shokuohizadeh started dating Duffey and is currently into a serious relationship with her and is formally engaged. Shokuohizadeh works for “The Lanshire Group” and is considered as one of the best sports agents.  The couple is constantly in the news for the reality show Basketball Wives LA aired in VH1 channel and their onscreen presence is much appreciated. Shokuohizadeh relocated to Los Angeles from Dallas while struggling with his career. Shokuohizadeh is mostly seen onscreen to be quiet and observant while his girlfriend does all the talking with his occasional nods and smiles. He sports a clean cut beard and has Iranian sharp features with a dusky skin tone.

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