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ImmortalHD – Bio, Net Worth, Height, Age

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Popular as ImmortalHD has an estimated net worth of $550 thousand. His original name is Aleksandr Vitalyevich Marchant, check his bio, height, age, gf name. He is a popular YouTube star. Aleks is from Russia but he settled down his career in America. He is actually was a creature. With Dexter, he became one of the key people of Sanity not Included, the Machinima happy hour show. He replaced Lyle, his long-time friend and one of the creatures of the show. He is really famous and his subscriber’s list is really big. He has 1,000,000 subscribers for his videos and he holds the second position as most subscribed creature. He is just a few numbers behind from Nova.

Real NameAleksandr Vitalyevich Marchant
Birth Date1 September, 1992
Net Worth$550 Thousand
Source of IncomeYouTube Star
Annual Salary$200,000

He was born on 1st September of 1992 in Russia and he has spent eight years there. Aleksandr shifted to the United States with his family when he was eight years old and still then he is in New York. On a creature talk, he revealed the fact that he is an adopted child. In his school, Russian was his first language and he is not so fluent on Russian Accent. But according to the star, he lost the fluency on the language because he spent most of the days of his life in America. He is successful internet star but a college drops out. He attended the college to receive a degree in Graphic Design but he lost his interest, he finds out that graphic design was not his cup of tea and left that.

Then he started his YouTube channel and has achieved more success there. He joined the platform when the Minecraft Machinimas was already a famous show on YouTube and he made the videos to give it a new dimension.

He also faced the issues of Internet crimes as his YouTube channel was hacked by the hackers. So he just deleted all his previous videos and started the journey from the beginning again. Sly helped him a lot at this point and hew even requested his subscribers to visit the channel of Immortalhd, so he gained the subscribers again. He is a good friend of Sly and this duo came over the YouTube channel of Sly with several joined videos like Wifey Craft, Sly Breaks Friends, The Last Update and The Survival Games etc.

There is no confirmed info about ImmortalHD current dating or his girlfriend name. His YouTube channel is popular as ImmortalHD Films. He is a specialist of small internet games and he presents that though his YouTube channel. All of are videos come with a 30 minutes time slot.

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