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Ines Helene is a beautiful Swedish model whose net worth estimated at $300 thousand. Find her biography, plastic surgery, boyfriend name and family background. Being a Swedish model,  Ines is also a well known internet personality followed by millions for her stunning pictures and dazzling inch perfect figure. Many believe that she has undergone artificial contouring to achieve that perfect look. Let’s take a brief look on her background.

NameInes Helene
Net Worth$300 Thousand
Source of IncomeModeling
Annual Salary$100 thousand
Birth DateFebruary 4, 1992
Height1.60 m
Weight66 kg

Ines has a very questionable and untold past. Nothing is much known about her parents, but many articles show that her parents might be linked with the Syberian conflict. Ines has a younger sister who looks the opposite and supposedly is ashamed of Ines, calling her the black sheep of the family. Ines claims that she knows five different languages but simply slurs out English with a cross accent which makes many feel that she is dumb. Her education is not well known but she claims that she was studying business and had no plans to start modelling. Many posts reveal that she was strange as a child and most of the time Ines remained silent and aloof. She does not visit her family and also missed her father’s 50th birthday.

Plastic Surgery

Helene is believed to have achieved this surreal figure with huge bottoms, extra narrow waistline and voluptuous boobs through plastic surgery. There are no past pictures of hers and no trace of past online history. Pictures are only about herself at different locations, chiefly posing in front of the mirror. Few pictures were found of her friends which were recently removed. Because of all these reason and anonymous family member posts, it is assumed that she has undergone heavy silicon transplants for her entire body to look curvy and attractive, but that’s not possible. Helene had effectively removed all evidence and completely denies of the same. Close scrutiny of her pictures reveal that she uses Photoshop heavily to edit her pictures.

Her plastic surgeries must have cost her thousands of dollars. But how did she manage to do that with no formal education or job? Sources have posted that she is seen majority of the time in five star hotels and expensive nightclubs hanging around with older men, dressed skimpily around the world. Helene is believed to be a sugar-daddy with older multi-millionaires funding her beauty regime. Being a White, she has successfully achieved fuller lips, deeper skin tone and full figure body for which millions are crazy about on social networking sites, especially Instagram.

Few years back when she initially started posting pictures on Instagram, Helene hashtagged all her pictures with words related to body parts and posted on adult sites. That’s how she gained popularity and took the internet by storm. There are several fans and well as foes. Majority believe that she is mentally sick and needs psychological help to have lied so much about herself, her past and her artificial figure. Helene regularly posts her revealing pictures and shares beauty and fitness tips. She is believed to be living with her boyfriend and at the same time going around with multiple men.

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