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Ivy Calvin Net Worth earn from Storage Wars

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Ivy Calvin got the fame from Storage Wars whose net worth is $1.5 million. Check out his wiki, family business, to other source of income as on 2017. A businessman by heart, Ivy Calvin is known as everyone by the name of “King of Palmdale”! He knows his business well and he knows how to keep his customers to himself. He is an inspiring person and never give up on anything. He is a man who knows how to handle the auction market.

NameIvy Calvi
Net Worth$1.5 Million
Source of IncomeTV Personality
Annual Salary$300,000
Monthly Income$25,000
Weekly Income$6,250
Birth DateSeptember 10, 1971
Height1.83 m
Weight92 Kg
WifeNot  Known

Ivy Calvin has been earning a huge amount of money being a superstar and also the owner of a shop. His present net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million and he is able to live a rich and lavish lifestyle. From Storage Wars, itself he earns on an average $200,000. His wealth is increasing day by day and he is able to give a good way of living to his family. He has a huge mansion and other properties.

Early years of Ivy Calvin was difficult and initially he started as a MMA fighter and arena football player. He loved seeking attention and whenever he was near, he always used to grab attention of the passerby’s. He got his first break when he appeared in the television series named, “Storage wars“. From the year 2012, he has been appearing the TV series and he gained a lot of fame and success from there on. Apart from the series, he owns a business from his grandmother named ” Grandma’s Attic”. He has been changing his career paths time and again. From being a famous celebrity star, he went on to own a business in which he was very generous to his customers and he kept fresh goods in his store. He made some guest appearances in the third and fourth series of “Storage Wars”.

Because of his nature and the type of self confidence that he had in himself, he could retain his position as a famous celebrity. His thrift store is in Palmdale because of which the gets the title of being the King. Running a thrift store does not scare Ivy Calvin at all and he is happy that he is being able to make a name in the world.

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