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Jack Hoffman Net Worth from Gold Rush – Wiki, Age, Family

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Find out about Jack Hoffman who appeared on Gold Rush show. Find his wiki, net worth, age, family including children, wife and facts as on 2018. Jack is the father of Todd Hoffman and best-known for his appearance in the Discovery Channel’s famous reality show Gold Rush. According to his son, Jack Hoffman is the inspiration behind Todd’s mining venture. After Todd saw a considerable loss in his aviation business, he thought about stepping into his father’s shoes and become a gold digger.

Full NameJack Hoffman
Birth DateSeptember 15 1947
Height1.70 m / 5.10 feet
Parents –
Net Worth$500 Thousand
Source of IncomeGold Miner
Annual Salary$250,000
ChildrenTodd Hoffman, Tamra Hoffman
WifeGeorgia Hoffman

25 years earlier, Jack Hoffman went for his mining expedition in Alaska but it was a huge failure and he lost almost all his resources. Jack Hoffman could never forget the experience and when his son, Todd Hoffman was about to start his own mining venture, Hoffman agreed to co-operate with him. Jack Hoffman is glad to see his son in a successful position as a gold miner in Alaska. He always motivates Todd and admits that he is ready to take dangerous risks to make his son more successful.

Jack Hoffman’s exact birthdate is not known and neither his height has been revealed. He celebrates his birthday on 15th of September. He was born Oregon but later travelled to Alaska to find gold. It is conjectured that he is now 71 years old and still going strong. Jack Hoffman still dreams about going for mining expeditions and he is even ready to embrace death in order to achieve his big goals. Just like his son, he’ll stop at nothing!

Jack Hoffman total estimated net worth is not available however it is estimated about $500 thousand. A reliable source says that in 2018, Jack Hoffman has earned overall $500 thousand.

Sr. Hoffman served in the army and has a tough mental setup. He has faith in God and works at a local church. He solely relies on his intuition when it comes to gold digging. With years of experience, he gives the correct advices to his son. Behind this man’s strong back, there is his wife Georgia who provided unconditional support even after he miserably failed in his first gold mining venture. Their son Todd is a popular face on Discovery’s Gold Rush. They have a daughter named Tamra. Jack keeps his wife and daughter away from the limelight.

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