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James Grage Fitness Guru Net Worth, Wiki, Age, Wife & Family

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The fitness guru James Grage is also the co-found of BPI sports has a net worth of $1.1 million. Find out his wiki from height, age, weight, wife, children and career detail. James Grage is the perfect embodiment of patience and fitness, not only for his perfectly sculpted body but also for the way he has overcome his excruciating injuries. Whether it is before the devastating and fatal car crash or after it, James Grage has always kept fitness on the top of his priority list. He came into fitness training when he was just 20. Now James Grage is the co-founder of BPI Sports, the company that produces fitness and nutrition supplements and encourage people to stay healthy.

Full NameJames Grage
Birth Date1979
Height5.10 feet / 1.80 m
Weight79 kg / 175 pound
Net Worth$1.1 Million
Source of IncomeBody Builder
Annual Salary$200 Thousand
WifeMarried but name not yet known

After his shocking car accident which almost took his life, he had lost all hopes of regaining his strength. However, with a strong determination to overcome all odds, James Grage has won the battle. Before his accident, he was preparing for a job and on his way to an interview, he met this accident which gravely injured his left arm, legs, hips and the smaller bones of his lower body was broken. While there was a very little chance of complete recovery, James never lowered his confidence. He motivated himself and gradually recovered from his injuries, although it took him a long time. According to James, he is all “plates and rods”. In the hospital, sitting for even a minute seemed as tiresome as running a marathon. It was a new challenge for James Grage and he accepted it with great bravery.

The estimated net worth of fitness expert James Grage is $1.1 million. His journey from a pauper to a millionaire is simply commendable.

The Vice President of BPI Sports weighs around 175 pound and stands 5 feet and 10 inches tall. This 39-year-old bodybuilder and fitness trainer cannot spend a single day without his exercise. The only reason that comes between him and the gym is his family. He is married with two kids and absolutely loves to spend time with his family.

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