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Jane Kilcher along with her husband has a net worth of $2 million. Check out her wiki, family, childhood life and professional life. Jane is from Alaska and living with her husband. Jane Kilcher is one of the fishing stars of the Kilcher family. She is a native Alaskan woman, who married to Atz Lee. This homestead couple has received the popularity due to their participation on the Discovery channel show, The Last Frontiers with the Kilcher family. Kilcher family belongs to Homer from the early 30’s, when the grandparents of Atz Lee Emigrated to that land from their comfortable city life of Switzerland. They have chosen the wilderness over their restraint city life. Yule and Ruth, the grandparents of Atz Lee made the way for their next generation that they can live in this remote area.

NameJane Kilcher
Birth Date1978
Net Worth$2 Million
Source of IncomeActing
Annual Salary$250,000
Monthly Income$20,800
Weekly Income$5,200
Daily Income$740
HusbandAtz Lee Kilcher

Jane Kilcher Childhood and Family

Jane entered to the Kilcher family as the wife of Atz Lee. Jane born and brought up in Alaska. The place of her upbringing is not that much far from the homestead of the Kilcher family. She knows every bit of adventurous living and she enjoys being there always. Another interesting fact about the girl is, she was a commercial fishing women of her entire life, and she was living the life which is “Surrounded by the Storms and the Men”. But Destiny had some different plan for this brave girl.

Jane Kilcher Net Worth ?

Jane shares nearly $2 million net worth with her husband. Jane is really very active on Facebook, she posts her pictures regularly there.

Jane Kilcher’s Marriage Life

After her marriage with Atz Lee she moved to the homestead of Homer with the Kilcher family. She found her heartiest love for Lee because of the music sense of Lee. Atz Lee belongs a complete musical family, the trend of music came to him from his grandmother Ruth. Ruth was a trained classical singer and she infused all her music to her children and grandchildren. Atz Lee also in this group, Jane also has akeen interest in music.

She left the commercial fishing after marriage but her skill of fishing is an asset for her family. She can provide a huge amount of fish to the Kilcher family at the summer season, which is quite enough for them to survive in the winter. She can catch all kind of fish and spices from the sea, which is very much available in Southern Alaska. This is a pleasure for the American audience to see Jane, while she is on a mission of fishing. She even teaches her husband the tricks and skills of surviving in this offbeat place.

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