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Find out about Jason Capital a dating coach net worth along with wiki, height, age, source of income, family, girlfriend real name, bio and more. Jason Capital is an entrepreneur who has risen to fame through his charming talks about attracting hot women and being 100% confident about oneself. He coaches, travels, writes and interacts with men and is bound on bringing in a sea of changes in troubled means’ lives.

Real NameJason Capital
Birth Date11 June, 1988
Net Worth$2 Million
Source of IncomeTV Personality
Annual Salary$400 Thousand
GirlfriendUnder Review

Capital was born in 1988 in Michigan, United States in the Delaware area. He grew up with a passion in basketball and in the 8th grade got selected into the school team. He played and practice hard and set behemoth goals to test his potential and tenacity. Between the year 2007-2008, Capital got selected in the college basketball team. Since 2009, he first went for the college party and stood there befuddled with gorgeous girls moving around him not paying any heed. He was heartbroken and shattered and humiliated that even at 20 years of age he had no girlfriend, no dating experience and still a virgin.

Capital then took up things seriously and decided to work on himself. He hired love gurus and professionals to train him to deal with and attract hot girls. He gradually mastered the art and started dating. For a whole year he invested his money, endless hours and effort to mater the art of dating and sleeping with hot girls. With passing time, he surprisingly good at the task.

In 2010, Capital drops out of college and decides to stay on the campus to pursue his online business and rapidly increasing Casanova attitude. Within only a few months he started earning $20,000 per month and sleeping with tons of different kinds of women.

With his growing popularity in and around campus, other geeks and failed men started hiring him for tips and tricks. Initially he only charged them a burrito but later people started paying him a good sum for his advice. Capital, now bursting with confidence started taking small group seminars which gradually turned into full blown professional ones. The following year in 2011, he went broke due to leading a reckless life and was heavily dependent on marijuana. He flew back from San Diego where he had started his online dating business and move to his parent’s basement. Working extra hard and confined in the dingy space, Capital again gains confidence and by 2012 he has again established himself in a big way.

Capital is currently the owner of the jasoncapitaldating.com site and runs it successfully for men. His testimonials prove his worth. He calls his business as Team Capital and has transformed 177,000 men in an amazing way. He has set a target of 1,000,000 men to be transformed before he dies and is in every possible way trying to reach his goal! He loves to read, speak, travel and of course fuck and is an expert to turn down TV opportunities and always remains clear of his future goals!

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