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Part of Mountain Men show, Jason Hawk shared his net worth detail including wiki, height, age, salary and family detail. Check out his biography, wife & children detail. He is a seasoned bladesmith, homesteader and hunter. He had been trying to live by ancient means and leading a natural way of life. Jason had spent almost 38 years in the wild honing his skills. He has made himself into a survivalist, to not only persevere the environment but thrive in it. His way of life is much like the traditions followed by frontiersmen and Native American tribes. He tries to live his life in sync and harmony with nature, independence and simplicity. But with the meagre income of a bladesmith, coupled with plummeting game numbers and worsening weather conditions, his life is becoming tougher.

Full NameJason Hawk
Age56 (estimated)
Height5’11” / 1.80 m
Net Worth$300 Thousand
Source of IncomeTV & Independent Work
Annual Salary$40,000 (estimated)

Jason had started making blades from his teens while he lived in Colorado. He could make his own clothes and gears for rendezvous and extended treks into the mountains. Jason had become Colorado’s youngest licensed big game guide at the age of 15. He started to appreciate functional home made knives during this age. Jason had graduated and moved to Montana and studied metal fabrication and welding. He went back to Colorado and worked his way up to become an executive chef, and honed his skills with kitchen cutlery. He even teaches primitive and mountain skills that would include blacksmithing.

Though he does not share details about his salary and net worth, it is expected that Jason Hawk net worth should be somewhere around $300 thousand. This is, however, an expected amount, considering his involvement in filmography. Jason Hawk had starred in Mountain Men and No Man’s Land in the History Channel.  He also own a website jasonhawkknives.com and sell custom knives.

He had even learned Filipino style martial arts from Master Chris Petrilli and learnt not only to be deadly with the hands but the lethal world of knives, improvising weapons and stick fighting.  Jason had lost his father and his shop partner of 15 years in 2016. He now lives with his wife, Mary and their six-year-old daughter River. He had met the county girl, who used to live in a cave with her family. Mary is also good with a knife and is adept at taking the meat off chicken and goats. She helps Jason in harvesting, preserving food and is rather crafty.

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