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Remember Jurassic Park movie? $40 million is the current net worth of Jeffrey. The blockbuster movies that he has starred in plus the television serials and commercials contribute to this huge amount. He is sixty three years old and still going quite strong.

Jeff Goldblum Salary in 2017$2 Million
Jeff Goldblum Net Worth$40 Million
ASource of IncomeActing
NameJeffrey Lynn Jeff Goldblum
Birthday Date22nd of October 1952
Monthly Income$166,000
Weekly Income$41,500
Daily Income$5,900

Net Worth – $40 Million

Full Name: Jeffrey Lynn Jeff Goldblum

Birth Date

Birthday22nd of October 1952

Ethnicity: Ashkenazi Jewish

Height & Weight

Height and Weight

1.94 m / 6.4 feet



Married: Emilie Livingston.

Ex-Wife: Geena Davis, Patricia Gaul, Lydia Hearst

Jeffrey Lynn Goldblum is a world renowned actor from America. It was when he was seventeen years old that he landed up in New York City. He started off with working on the stage. He pursued his studies in acting at Neighborhood Playhouse and Sanford Meisner was his mentor over there.

Besides being an actor, Jeffrey is also a talented jazz pianist. He has stated several times in interviews that had it not been for movies, music would have been his profession. When he reached twenty two years of age, he got introduced to the world of acting. Death Wish became his very first movie. His role was that of a robber in that movie. In the next year, he got featured in Columbo: A Case of Immunity. However, his role in that movie was very short.

There are many interesting roles played by Jeff that speak volumes about his versatility. Movies like The Lost World of the year 1997 are still fondly remembered by kids and adults alike all because of Jeff. The commercial advertisements of Apple used Jeffrey’s voice for such a long time. iMac and iBook also are included in them. Toyota advertisements also use his voice besides the commercials of Procter & Gamble.

Jeffrey has been married thrice and his most recent wedding was in the year 2014. He even has a son from his third wife. His movies Threshold, The Fly, Deep Cover, Independence Day and Little Surprises contributed a lot in establishing his acting career. Besides being an actor, he is also a producer of the movie Pittsburgh and an executive producer for the movie Perfume.

His recent movie Le Week-End also fetched him a nomination for being the best supporting actor. Apart from movies, he appeared in a few episodes of the series “The Simpsons”, “Friends” and “Captain Planet and the Planeteers”. He has even featured in video games like Independence Day, Jurassic Park and Call of Duty. He is currently working on The Modern Ocean and his costars include Daniel Radcliffe, Anne Hathaway, Chloe Grace and many others. The most commendable fact about this artist is that there has not been a single year where he has not given a movie. That is really something remarkable.

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