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Jeff Koons is among those artists whose work speaks more than words. Being born in Pennsylvania on 1955, his love for art always grew bigger and bigger and today his net worth counted among the top 5 artist in the world. He studied art of painting which is known as  Chicago School of Art. Influenced by ED Paschke and working under his wings as an assistant in 70’s, he learned many things from his inspiration. In 1977 after completing his studies Koons set his foot at New York, and started to work in a Museum. He had worked through various jobs to become a successful man of today. From earning pocket money to a famous and wealthy is an inspiration for many.

dollarNet Worth – $100 Million

Full Name: Jeffrey Jeff Koons

Birth Date

Birthday21st of January 1955


Height & Weight

Height and Weight



Girlfriend: Single

Ex-Wife: Ilona Staller, Justine Wheeler Koons

Koons arts mainly consist of daily common useable items. He made a great research on human nature in a distinct way and his work touches the core of a person. The person who see’s Koons work, watches a part of his life too. This is the power of the art of Koon, which had made the artist’s to set his trend. His debuted sculpture was of a legend artist Michael Jackson in 1988. After this Koon’s work never stopped instead he acquired stimulation in this area. Many consider his work consist of more sexual explicates, while few other looks at it as a form of neo kitsch.

Jeff Koonswork is among those art pieces which are priceless and they are mostly sold at auctions. His structures like dogs and the gorillas are enough to linger the audience. Including Popeye with many others filled the whole museum lasting to 5 months. The Dog Orange (Balloon Dog) when auctioned was priced at more than $ 58 millions. Art has made him the most expensive artist alive in the current era. The photo concept made in Heaven art, which has an Italian porn star and his Ex-wife, had some questions but was loved by the folks. In the year 2008 Koons artistic works were sold at a record breaking amount that was above $ 100 millions.

Jeff Koons Net Worth$100 Million
Source of WealthArtist
Yearly Income$5 Million
Monthly Income$416,000
Weekly Income$104,000
Daily Income$14,000

The current net worth of Jeff Koons  is estimated about $100 million. Recently he purchased a 50,200 sq. feet area on the West side. The estimated price of this land is $23.7 million approx, which has three combined sites with the view of Hudson River. It is truth that soon he will be opening a studio there but his plan is big and pre-judgment will not be worthy. Koon is also in the list of top 5 richest artists, which is much more mesmerizing.

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