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TLC is one of the most favorite family channels across the globe. Who would not know a man who has appeared in a reality show on this channel? Jeremiah Raber is one such person who is known for appearing in a reality show named Breaking Amish. There have been lots of news rumors about this man post the show, but it could not be denied that all the popularity he got was from that particular show, ‘Breaking Amish’ and then a consecutive extension of the show known as ‘Breaking Amish: Brave New World.’ People might scratch their heads thinking, why this show? Well, the answer is he was an Amish living in the Amish community of Pennsylvania.

Full NameJeremiah Raber
Birth DateJanuary 17, 1980
Height5.7 feet
Net Worth$120,000
Source of IncomeReality Star
Annual Salary$60,000
ChildrenPolly Titchmarsh and Camilla Titchmarsh
WifeCarmela Mendez

This man was born on 17th January 1980 and is now 37. Though he was initially growing up in a Holmes County, later he was adopted by Amish parents. Well, that’s not all, he now has three kids himself and a wife, about which he denied all through. The news town went gaga when this news came in front of everyone. But this was not enough, and there was much more that his wife revealed about him.  She revealed that Jeremiah had not been an Amish since he was 18, whatever the TV show had claimed all fake. He also claimed in the show that he never had a car and was shunned, even this news is claimed to be untrue by his wife.  Don’t forget to check out other stars who appeared in “Breaking Amish” show like Rebecca Schmucker and Kate Stolzfus who has similar worth.

This young star Jeremiah Raber has a net worth of nearly $120 thousand. While he was on the show, he was well known as the ‘drama king’ of the show, as he always got involved in every argument and fought even in petty issues in the show. He declared himself as an Amish Rebel and wanted to anything he wanted without letting anything hold him back. Further researches and police reports reveal that he has been arrested a few times for cases of domestic violence. Well, this was surprising enough!

He runs an online clothing store and has named it Amish Rebel and is frequently associated with his Kate Stoltz who starred alongside him in the show.  On season 5, Raber got engaged to Carmela Mendez, and later they got married after his divorce with his ex-wife.

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