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The winner of Mr Olympia Physique, Jeremy Buendia ha a total net worth of $1 million. His wiki revealed his real age, height, weight, and career till 2018. A professional IFBB competitor and physique builder, Jeremy Buendia is known for his international figure and his most recent win was the Mr. Olympia Physique in the recent year. He won the title consecutively for 2014, 2015, 2016 and also 2017.

NameJeremy Buendia
Birth DateOctober 10, 1990
Net Worth$1 Million
Source of IncomeBodybuilder
Annual Salary$300,000
Monthly Income$25,000
Weekly Income$6,200
Height1.73 m
Weight74 kg

Jeremy Buendia from the very start wanted to be a body builder and he worked hard to fulfil his dreams. He built up a great physique and he participated in many contests. Jeremy got the chance to be trained by experts from different parts of the world. Jeremy Buendia in the beginning wanted to be football player but once in high school, while playing a match he got injured where he got hurt in the lower back and neck. Only after he got injured , he took to bodybuilding as his career.

Jeremy Buendia belongs from a rich household and he has always been rich. At present, Jeremy has an estimated net worth of about $1 million as in the year 2018. He has participated in many such competitions and he won many awards and cash prizes. He is considered one of the hottest male body builders that the world has ever seen. He has a huge amount of assets with himself and people love him for what he does.

From the early age of 17, Jeremy Buendia started fighting competitions and took part in wrestling. The IFBB is the largest competitor of physique and Jeremy Buendia has been associated with it for a very long time. He has been with them from 2013 and he has won the titles consistently for 3 years. At present, Jeremy Buendia has his own website where he provides advice and help to people online and help them in getting a good physique. He also provides nutrition charts and workout meal plans so that you can get a better body. There are some rumors about Buendia that he is being able to build up a body because of using steroids but all he has done is to naturally build up his body to this level that he can be the world best body builder.

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