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Husband of famous TV star, Joe Gorga has a negative net worth of $1.5 million. They tried to sell their house but the deal didn’t  workout out. Joe Gorga is a valuable part of the popular reality television show The Real Housewives of New Jersey. He is not a direct cast member of the show; Joe is the husband of Mellissa Gorga, who is the main cast member of the show.

NameJoe Gorga
Birth DateAugust 15, 1979
Net Worth$1.5 Million
Source of IncomeBusinessman
Annual Salary$150,000
Height1.67 m / 5.5 feet
Weight77 kg
WifeMelissa Gorga
ChildrenNevaeh Brook

By profession, Joe is a real estate flipper. His job is actually to buy an old house and renovate it to turn it into an apartment. He generally buys the cheap and easily available homes for his work. His wife Mellissa has her own clothing boutique. But recently, before one year this power couple have faced tremendous financial downs in the career.  The couple had foreclosure recently. But the couple never accepted the fact.

This power couple and their living style, this is the most allure topic of the show and of course the story of their shifting from the Montville Township, where they lived in a classy house, but then they changed the address with the desire to have a gorgeous mansion.  So they sold their old house with a huge amount of 3.8 million, but the buyer refused to pay the huge amount after viewing that, this house needed a massive repairing. So eventually the Gorga family moved to their old destination again.

Joe belongs to an Italian background but her wife is from America. Joe was not ready for the business venture of his wife but eventually, Mellissa has started her boutique and has achieved too much success there. This couple from New Jersey lives a luxurious lifestyle with their three children and the net worth $1.3 million, however as per our research, it is found that their earning is far low and they are actually in debt . They both are quite active to the social networking sites and they share moments through that. Twitter, facebook and Instagram, these three are the most common platform to discover more info about the couple. He met Mellissa at his vacation Cancun in Mexico and it was a love at first site for him. After two years of their courtship, they got married.

There is the biggest rumor in the market that, the relationship of this power couple is not going perfectly now even they are now not together at all. Joe is now taking care of their children, one girl and two sons as a single parent and even he have accepted the fact to the media. The major issue between them is the boutique and the work pressure of Mellissa for her work.

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