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Young Youtuber Kalel Cullen net worth is about $900 thousand. Check out her wiki from height, age, family, current boyfriend name and source of wealth in 2018. Kalel Cullen is best known as a YouTube beauty vlogger and also for her relationship with Anthony Padilla. But she is more than just that. She surely has ups and downs in her personal life, but that’s with everybody, isn’t it? But there are some things more, which makes her so special and adorable.

Full NameKristen Smith
Birth DateMarch 30, 1989
Height5.31 feet/1.62 m
Net Worth$900,000
Source of IncomeYoutube Personality
Annual Salary$225,000
BoyfriendDenny Solomona

Born on 1989, this evergreen young looking girl’s previous name was Kristen Smith which she legally changed to Kalel Cullen. You will be amazed to know why! She is a huge movie fan. And being one of the Superman’s biggest fans, this star changed her name to Kalel.

She is too young to have gone through multiple YouTube channels and being able to be on the limelight as always. She has formerly six YouTube channels and now currently she is hooked on to one. Earlier she was maintaining 02 YouTube channels before she dated the famous YouTube star Anthony from Smosh Channel: Queenbeauty and KalenCullenTV. Her next YouTube channel is KalenCullenTV where she used to make lifestyle videos, and vlogs. But she deleted that too shifting her gears to another channel with an interesting theme. Have a look to other similar youtube stars like Ryan Higa and Sssniperwolf who has bit similar earning.

Cozplai was her next channel. Her video was themed on cosplay costume tutorials. She used to make her favourite character’s costume. She hit 100,000 subscribers. But she was not being able to maintain her channel so she announced her shutdown on this one too.

She set her foot into DIY and fashion videos with her new channel WonderlandWardrobe. She hit around 400,000 subscribers, which was quite a hit at that time. But she came with another vlog channel with Smosh Channel star Anthony Padilla leaving this channel behind. On her duo-vlog channel she received 1.7 million followers and became very popular with time; but till she broke up with her boyfriend. After the channel Frilly and Fancy and Kalel’s blog, she is now hooked on to her one and only channel named Kalel and it is still working. Now Kalel is currently dating Cyrus Jannat.

With lots of bashes on the internet for her attitude and her personal relationships, she still manages to gain popularity. Now she is one of the popular social media celeb and has her fan followings on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat.

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