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Kate Stoltzfus Net Worth – Wiki, Age, Family

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Model turned tv personality Kate Stoltzfus net worth has been revealed. Check out her wiki, height, age, size, current boyfriend and family details. She is a well known fashion model who is also idolized by many for her go-getter attitude and the way she has banished all societal chains and made her way into the career she yearned for and dreamt about. She is considered a very beautiful and successful model and reality star and has a net worth of $300,000!

Full NameKate Stoltzfus
Birth DateJanuary 01, 1991
Height5.7 feet / 1.73 m
ParentsUnder Review
Net Worth$350,000
Source of IncomeModeling
Annual Salary$100,000

Kate Sloltzfus, which she abbreviated as Sloltz for the convenience of her modeling career, was born on 1991 in Myerstown, Pennsylvania. She grew up in the religiously rigid Amish family and spent time daily chores on the 100 acre family farm. She has six other siblings and she is the middle child. All of them led a life without gadgets, internet and even the radio and wore ankle length skirts. But Sloltz was different and desired to know about the world. She secretly kept a radio under a pillow and listened to Eminem all the time. She even wore jeans and normal clothes under her skirt and went around the city in her casuals once out of sight from her parents. She has over 300 cousins living all across the United States.

At 20 years of age, Sloltz took a major decision of shifting to Boca Raton, Florida and later to New York City for pursuing modeling. She attended the FIT fashion school in New York and underwent a major transformation in her looks and started getting work for her attractive looks, much to her parents disagreement. She appeared on the pages of famous magazines like Spiegal, Gypsy Sisters, Maxim and many more. With growing popularity and an interesting background, Sloltz bagged the role in the reality show Breaking Amish and later Breaking Amish: Brave New World aired on TLC in 2014. With knowledge in sewing, Sloltz started her fashion line by her name and won the Demiurge Award as an emerging designer. Her collection focuses on excellent quality and modern design which has made her popular as a designer as well.

Sloltz is a dedicated social worker and has worked for Food Bank, MCC and donates quilts every year. She is the spokesperson for Developing Faces helping people restore deformed faces. Sloltz loves spending time with her puppy Victoria and spends good amount of time reviving her baking skills. She owns a bakery in her hometown which is now run by her mother and sister. Sloltz feels lucky that her parents still welcome her warmly even after giving up the Amish lifestyle. She has about 34.4k followers on Instagram.

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