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Lapo Elkann Italian Playboy Net Worth – Wiki, Girlfriend

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Lapo Elkann is a Italian entrepreneur whose net worth is $800 million. He is known as Italian Playboy – find his wiki, girlfriend list to family background. Being an Italian entrepreneur Lapo Eduard Elkann  shifted from the automobile industry to high end garment designing and retail. He hails from the famous business Agnelli family and estimated net worth is $5 billion!

NameLapo Eduard Elkann
Net Worth$800 Million
Source of IncomeEntrepreneur
Annual Salary$50 Million
Monthly Income$4 Million
Birth DateOctober 7, 1977
EthnicityFrench Jewish, Italian Jewish Italian, Scottish and English
Height N/A
Weight N/A
  • Zhu Zhu
  • Goga Ashkenazi
  • Goga Ashkenazi
  • Veronica Varekova

Elkann was born and brought up in New York City. He is October born and is currently 38 years old. His mother is a Catholic Countess and his father is a Jew who was a professional writer. He has a brother and a sister and five half sisters from his mother’s second marriage. His entire childhood had been spotted with failure and humiliation by his classmates. He termed himself as dyslexic and had immense difficulty in coping up with the academic pressure. Elkann was the weakest student and suffered from low self-esteem. Although poor in academics, he had varied interests and a very creative mind which he put to use after completing his basic education.

In 2001, Elkann started his career as a personal assistant for Diplomat and Political scientist Henry Kissinger. After two years he changed over to Fiat and served as the Director of Marketing. In 2005, he was asked to quit his position for being on cocaine and heroin overdose. Later that year, he founded his own company Independent Italia, a lifestyle and clothing brand which gained popularity with designer Italian products varying from clothes, shoes to sunglasses and the like. In 2007, Elkann started his advertising agency as well.

2011 proved to be fruitful for him, as he signed to work in collaboration with Gucci owner on a set of special edition clothing of Fiat 500 which he modeled as well. He was listed in the Hall of Fame and Best Dressed categories in 2009. In 2013, Elkann listed his company in the Italian Stock Exchange. He also works in collaboration with his sister GInevra Elkann for Good Films Production Company. His office headquarters are in Corso Venezia, France.

Elkann is unmarried and is termed as the epitome of Italian Playboy. He is always immaturely dressed and lives his life in style. Along with his designing house, he also customizes luxury vehicles like cars; bikes etc and believe that the business has great potential in near future. He is trademarked by tattoos and a husky voice with bright bold colors clad on him. He strongly believes himself and takes pride in the fact that apart from his family business he has been successful in carving a name for himself in the society.

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