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Lindsie Chrisley Campbell revealed her biography, net worth, real age, salary, family, recent divorce with her husband and more. Campbell is a reality television star, whose story goes viral recently when she announced her divorce with husband Will. She is the part of reality television show, Chrisley knows the Best. In this show, the Chrisley family shows their lavish lifestyle and high-end living, not only that the show is a platform to showcase the controversies of their lives too. Todd Chrisley and his wife and children are and their life is actually the topic of the show.

Full NameLindsie Chrisley
Birth DateSeptember 17, 1989
Net Worth
Source of IncomeTV Personality
Annual Salary

Lindsie is the oldest daughter of Todd but Lindsie is not the daughter of Julie, his present wife. Lindsie’s mother is Therese Terry, the ex-wife of Todd. Lindsie is one of the most popular girls from the family and she has her own fan following.

She is an American girl and was born on 17th September of 1989 and the place of her birth was South Carolina. They live in Atlanta of Georgia.  She runs away with her husband and secretly got married even her parents knew of. She just eloped for five months and then returned home after five months, when she was expecting her first child. It was very shocking even for her father Todd because she was very close to Todd. She constantly tried to rebuild her old bonding to her father.

For Lindsie, her family comes first on her priority list. So she became a part of her family again and tried so hard to be a part of the show. She is now the mother of her three year son Jackson. Her charming personality is the reason that she is also very popular in the social media. She was in the show for a total of 24 episodes. She is quite a very adorable person and she has own website, Living Like Lindsie which is a great source to know her closely.

Her love story with Will is equally interesting and it is more like a fairy tale story. They are together from very young age, when Lindsie was just 19. But with the time being, they thought differs from each other and at her 26 year age she find that she don’t need any support from her relation with Will, so they decided to parted away. Even her family never support her relation with Will and after the divorce the bonding of daughter and father is much better.  Lindsie shares her life through the pictures on Instagram.

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