List of Celebrities Born in 2004 – Actor & Actresses

This is the list of Celebrities Born in 2004 that includes actor and actresses, although they are teen but are blessed with great talent. They are singer, comedian, player etc. The celebrities born in the year of 2004 have the characteristic of undaunted spirit and kindness of heart. These celebrities are an excellent mix of enthusiastic zeal and warm personality.Their hard work and a certain zeal makes them reach the zenith of whatever they do. The thing that makes them unique is a special warmth in their characters which makes them approachable and friendly. Those of the celebrities born in the year of 2004 are a treasure trove of talents. Not one field of artistic excellence has been left aside by them. Sports, music, medicine, law, arts be it anything, these people are sure to take you by surprise with their prejudice free mind and warm and welcoming personality.  Also check the celebrities born in 2007, 1997 and 2005

They tend to try out different things in life as their adventurous spirit doesn’t allow them to sit back and lot for any single thing. So generally these people are multi talented and they believe in versatility. The only negative tint in their characters is the constant need to something different always which may many a times lead to a bit of chaos. Other than that all these people are excellent human beings.

Photo Name DOB Nationality
Mackenzie Ziegler Mackenzie Ziegler Friday, June 4 American
Emma Marie Emma Marie Tuesday, January 20 American
Annie LeBlanc Annie LeBlanc Sunday, December 5 American
Danielle Cohn Danielle Cohn Sunday, March 7 American
Francesca Capaldi Francesca Capaldi Tuesday, June 8 American
Millie Bobby Brown Millie Bobby Brown Thursday, 19 February British
Kylie Rogers Kylie Rogers Wednesday, February 18 American
Sterling Jerins Sterling Jerins Tuesday, June 15 American
Aiden Flowers Aiden Flowers Monday, December 13 American
Noah Schnapp Noah Schnapp Sunday, October 3 American
Jet Jurgensmeyer Jet Jurgensmeyer Saturday, November 27 American
Seo Hyeon Ahn Seo-Hyeon Ahn Monday, January 12 South Korean
Marlowe Peyton Marlowe Peyton Monday, August 2 American
Mel Maia Mel Maia Monday, May 3 Brazilian
Mana Ashida Mana Ashida Wednesday, June 23 Japanese
Isabella Cramp Isabella Cramp Saturday, December  18 American
Lyca Gairanod Lyca Gairanod Sunday, November 21 Philippine
Ruby Barnhill Ruby Barnhill Friday, July 16 British
Caitlin Carmichael Caitlin Carmichael Friday, July 2 American
Barbara Miguel Barbara Miguel Saturday, May 15 Philippines
Lauren Orlando Lauren Orlando Saturday, November 6 Canadian
Jayden Bartels Jayden Bartels Monday, November 1 American
Katie Donnelly Katie Donnelly Friday, June 25 American
Grace VanderWaal Grace VanderWaal Thursday, January 15 American
Casey Simpson Casey Simpson Tuesday, April 6 American
Karli Reese Karli Reese Thursday, August 5 American
Nadia Turner Nadia Turner Monday, April 19 American
Mace Coronel Mace Coronel Wednesday, March 10 American
Simply Liv Simply Liv Monday, April 26 American
LeBron James Jr. LeBron James Jr. Wednesday, October 6 American

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