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List of Richest Arab Kids in the World today

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So these are Arab Kids who are counted among top 5 richest in UAE. They are earning in million dollar and got huge money from their parents as heritage Arab is the country of richi-rich people. There a number of kids who are very rich by their uncountable wealth, some of them are already established with an own business chain or some of them are famous because of their elegant lifestyle, provided by their billionaire parents.

Rashed Belhasa

This 14 years Arab is one of the richi-rich kids of Dubai as well as World. When all the kids of his age are busy with their book loads and school activities, this kid is actually a budding entrepreneur of personal show collection, which is specially made by him. He has a line of sneakers collection and also a wide range of collection of pets. Celebrities of all over the world have come to visit his collection. He is actually the son of Saif Ahmed Belhasa, the famous construction tycoon of Dubai. This kid is also very much famous in the world of social media and he runs a popular fashion line as a co-owner. This eminent little wonder is a student of  International school of arts of science which is situated in Dubai.  He has a big collection of sports shoe, the value of that is near $30000. This popular social media star is a billionaire of Arab.

Mansour Bin Jabr Al Suwaidi

He is another billionaire kid of Arab. He is the son of Saeed Bin Jabr Al Suwaidi, the former politician and billionaire businessman of Dubai. Mansour Suwaidi is a successful rally driver, philanthropist and also the COO of Bin Jabr Group. He has a luxurious personal jet, which showcases his wealth properly. In his jet, he has a hookah, which is custom made by gold with a design of AK 47.

Dhiaa Al-Essa

He is the son of another billionaire of Arabia Mohammed Al Essa. This 21-year engineering student has a precious garage with thirty super cars. His father has gifted him the same number plate of license for every car at the price of $153,000 for each piece. Among his luxurious collection, you may find five Ferraris, three Lamborghini, some smattering Rolls Royce, five dashing Porsches, BMWs, Bentleys, Audis and much more. The worth of his expensive garage is $12 million.


You can get a clear idea about the worth of this young rich kid of Aram from the pictures he has uploaded on his social media profile.

He has gold bars, exclusively luxurious watches and a big collection of diamonds.  All of his wealth comes from his billionaire diamond merchant father Sharif.

Abbas Saj

This name comes with an image of luxurious and huge place in Dubai, which is very much viral in social media.

He lives in a gorgeous home, where you may find world class swimming pools and all other facilities.

Yousef Shaban

This young star is popular as Cha millionaire among his social media friends. He has a great collection of fast cars, gold rims and also an armory of sneakers, which is really enviable and prove his immense wealth. He is a complete soccer lover and loves to watch the English premier league live from the field, so he travels all over the world to fulfill his hobby.

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