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Real name is Elizabeth popular as Liza Koshy has a net worth of $800 thousand. Check out her wiki, ethnicity, height, real age, and salary in 2018. She is a renowned internet personality, who has gained her immense personality through YouTube. She is a sensation of social media and has entertained the world through her acting skill also. Another platform, which helps her to enhance the popularity is “Vine”. Shew posted her videos there first and she has 7 million fans there for her entertaining comic videos.

Net Worth – $800 Thousand

Real NameElizabeth Koshy
Birth DateMarch 31, 1996
Net Worth$800 Thousand
Source of IncomeInternet celebrity
Annual Salary$300,000
EthnicityIndian and Caucasian
BoyfriendLiza Koshy
David Dobrik (ex)

One can imagine her popularity by having a look to her fans, she has 7 million subscribers on YouTube and also 7 million fans on musically. At this current year she has touched a huge number of followers on Instagram, which is 10 million.  Her main source of income is Youtube, and currently the Liza Koshy net worth is $800 thousand while she earn about $300 every year from her videos and ads.

At the Steamy Award of 2016, she has got the title of Breakout Creator. Her comic videos on YouTube and Vine are immensely popular and she presents those in her own style and pattern.

She was born on 31st March of 1996. She brought up in Houston but her father is from India. Her mother belongs to the heritage of non-Hispanic white. She learned the program of dual language till her 5th grade of kindergarten. She has a keen interest in dancing and she learned dancing at her high school days, she has a great fluency inthe Spanish language, which she has learned at her kindergarten. It is interesting to know that she was the captain of her school dance team She has started her vlogging career at very early age and she pursued her education even after joining the Vine. She has a diploma in IB and she has got the diploma from Lamar High School.

At the beginning she posted 6 sec videos on Vine and she got a huge response from there. All her Vines goes viral even her conversations videos with her friends through the Vine app. There are other well known youtube celebrity like Tommy Sotomayor and ijustine who are earning handsome income.

Later on she has joined the YouTube after witnessing her success on the Vine. She launched her own YouTube channel and she posts her videos on YouTube at every Wednesday and Thursday. There is the interesting fact about her videos that, she posts all the videos with the ending “Little Brown Girl Out”. Then she launched her second YouTube channel, Liza Koshy too and has started posting the videos on a regular basis.

Lisa debuted to the entertainment world with her television appearance on the television series Freakish and she moved for an acting debut in Boo! A Medea Halloween and then the YouTube Red. She also appeared on Jingle Ballin.

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